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Comments on news posted 2012-04-04 17:45:35: Verizon is apparently traveling back in time -- back to when they stubbornly wouldn't sell customers a standalone DSL line (aka unbundled, naked or dry loop). ..

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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Let them know!

Verizon is unpredictable.

They might actually be rolling out a voice+data bundle that they perceive to be lower-priced than dry-loop alone, overlooking the taxes and fees.

They've surprised us before with low pricing. Yes, I said low pricing. Resident forum bashers and corporate-haters might not remember those moments, but they've occurred.

While I have the same issues with Verizon that others do, regards customer service, repair, billing and VZ Online, I have observed that Corporate (i.e. Seidenberg, and probably McAdam) does listen when you take the time to address them, in writing to HQ.

Please take the time to politely advise Verizon of their bone-headed decision, and articulate the real-world reasons Dry Loop is preferable, as well as DSL upgrades where Fios isn't going to happen.

Lowell McAdam, CEO
140 West Street
New York, New York 10007

If pen & paper isn't your style, at least make a phone call to the Executive Response Team, 212-321-8700.


Gratuitous factual error

Seems the article author is not aware Verizon and Verizon wireless are TWO SEPARATE COMPANIES. VW in fact is owned by a company in the Netherlands IIRC. They share nothing but a name. Thus Verizon can't 'focus on wireless' as they have no wireless division anymore since they sold it off. They are doing this to DSL customers as landlines are their main source of income now. So they are trying to squeeze as much as they can.

May want to, you know, be informed on a topic before writing a article on said topic. Just saying.



Re: Gratuitous factual error

said by nunya:

Dear valued customer,

Beginning May 6, 2012 - just get cable.


Yet every quarter the cry about losing landline customers.Seems like they want to push users away from the copper so in a few years they'll be able to say we have nobody on it let us get rid of it.

San Luis Obispo, CA
VW(Verizon Wireless) is 45% owned by Vodaphone which is based in the United Kingdom. Not in the Netherlands. Which is why Vodaphone is a sponsor of Mercedes McLaren of Formula 1 series. Based in the U.K. The ultimate of road racing vehicles. Totally off topic I know, but wanted to throw that in anyways!

Indianapolis, IN

Will the Government step in?

All Americans know this is bulls.hit by now


Re: Will the Government step in?

they are doing it so you cancel and move on.... its simple.. getting a phone line is a small fee, however taxes, 911 service, stupid bs fee's here and there, make that a $20+ fee plus internet, which its not needed, its cheaper to use other services...

No brainer.. fuck all telecoms, they are not interested in service, only free easy money.. why people don't start voting all these corrupt "legal" politicians out of office and fix this country is beyond me...

Ai Otsukaholic
·Clear Wireless
·Cox HSI
·Verizon FiOS

Wouldn't be SO bad...

...if the TAXES and JUNK FEES weren't as much as the local voice service cost. In my area the AT&T local service is $10 (at least when I last checked) but between junk fees, USF, 9-1-1 fees and outrageous taxes it was nearly $20 when all was said and done.

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT

Bundling is not evil...unless it is forced

To me, it is only the "forced" bundling that represents poor product choice.

I maintain a landline because cell service where I live (not all over-just near my place!) is sketchy at best. I recently moved from AT&T voice/dsl to Comcast voice/internet.

Why? For practically the same cost for a 6Mbps (5Mbps in reality) line and phone, I am getting a 15Mbps (24 with speedboost) line and phone... (we already get cable tv free through a bulk contract with my landlord in a large apartment complex)

In my area, the only way dsl can be competitive with cable is to be an absolute cost-leader...offering dsl to those who need a rock bottom good price. This is the one price tier where AT&T still holds a competitive edge. If AT&T mandates having POTS to get internet, that would destroy that option and make dsl truly obsolete.

PS - I am not talking about Uverse, though when we looked into their local offerings it was not that good a deal.
Deeds, not words


Contact your State Regulatory Commission

I recommend people contact their state's regulatory commission about this practice. It is forcing people to purchase a service they do not want.

If enough people complain, they might wake up.

Santa Monica, CA

Texas and Florida Only, according to McAdam's office

I was advised today by the spokeshole in the Executive Response Team that the dry loop cessation applies ONLY in Texas and Florida, and especially not California. Coincidentally, those states are on the leading edge to remove universal service.


Re: Texas and Florida Only, according to McAdam's office

Not so sure about that...I live in Maryland and still got the notice.

Santa Monica, CA

Re: Texas and Florida Only, according to McAdam's office

I can't disagree with your skepticism - there is no reason to trust them. But I would encourage you to make similar inquiry and report back.


Already started

From 2 months ago, I already couldn't order dry loop DSL online. So this has already started...unless they still allow you to order dry loop DSL over the phone until May.


Yermo, CA

DSL Extreme

I have Dry Loop DSL, but not with Verizon or AT&T, but with DSL Extreme, so I doubt I'll get any notice, but then I live in California. Verizon Wireless is My Cell Phone provider, they want to go to this LTE(touted as 4G), problem is where I live at, the area is only 3G and I doubt It will be upgraded anytime soon as I live in the High Desert of California. Supposedly DSL Extreme is in both Verizon's and AT&T's footprint, so maybe some could get service through them, I'm paying $32.83 a month for 3M/768K.

And no I don't trust Verizon, as the 2 wires in the CO for My Dry Loop has been flipped more than once during Maintenance resulting in NO IP address until someone fixes that problem...

AT&T is Primed for this with recent rate increases

I noticed that my voice services have nearly doubled in the past two years. This puts them in a prime spot to require this for DSL customer's now that their rates are so high even for the most basic service.