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Comments on news posted 2012-06-01 08:36:40: Despite all the promises made ahead of Frontier's acquisition of millions of unwanted DSL customers, we've seen more than a few cutsomers in our Frontier forum lament that the company suddenly started offering them slower speeds -- especially in acqu.. ..

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ

not surprising

Coming from a company that wanted to put a 5gb cap on dsl.
I guess there is a crappier phone company than centurylink

R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA

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To the new Frontier!



Left the minute a alternative arrived

I'm paying less for a broadband connection with an UPLOAD speed 2/3 the speeds of my best download speed with Frontier. It seems that most people are with the company because no comparable alternative is available for them in their area. I couldn't drop Frontier fast enough once I saw I had another option available.


Whitmore, CA


I only subscribe to the DSL lite package. They doubled my speed a few months ago, after years of the same speed. It was never worth upgrading because the DSL max was pretty much the same speed as the lite.

before upgrade

after upgrade



Terrible customer service, but awesome local techs

There are so many terrible things to say about this company, every time i call national customer service it ends up being a total joke. I called yesterday just to see if anything over 3meg was available, i got transferred around twice until the offices where closed.

But in West Virginia I do think at a local level they are doing all they can with the total and complete mess Verizon left. As much as my 3 megs sucks its always 3 megs and has finally gotten me off the 3g pony. The local techs bent over backwards to get me service and I will never forget how awesome they were showing up at 3pm on a Friday with an impending storm to run a line up the hill to where I could get dsl service. It's the National people that should all be flogged, it took me months to even get them to send someone out even though my neighbors all had service.


Binghamton, NY
reply to logcabinboy

Re: Upgraded

Am I the only Frontier customer that has issues with the DSLR speedtests? I have a 6/1 DSL connection but I can never achieve more than 3/1 (and usually less than 1/1) on the speedtests here.

It's not a Frontier issue; I can peg my connection when downloading from/uploading to the 10mbit/s connection at my employer. I can peg it on Frontier speedtests. I can peg it when downloading Windows updates or Linux distributions from various FTP sites. It's just the speedtests here and it doesn't seem to matter which site I use or whether I use the Flash or Java test.

North Tonawanda, NY
·Verizon Online DSL
·Frontier Communi..
Speed tests in general tend to be iffy. The Java one here seems to be the most reliable but it's dependent on the peering. The tests here just need to run for a longer duration on a single stream of data rather than pipe in data in bursts. Testmy.net does this however their site as of late has been really inaccurate, especially on the upload tests.




STC is another lame blog to start off with-

but the customer should have asked about speeds. It can NOT be frontier's fault if the customer did NOT ask what he was getting in terms for his savings.

Also it is Frontier's right to charge the modem rental fee. And charge you to support a modem you use. They could be nice and say "sorry, that's not our modem, so we don't support it, your line is working from what we can see so that would need a truck roll for $XXX.XXX. That's what happens when you own your own equipment.


Cortland, NY
Since ADSL and ADSL 2+ are IEEE standards it should be irrelevant what modem you use. My modems are generally better than the crap Westell's they want you to use.

I swapped a Westell 327w out with a nice Checkpoint box and life was just fine....better in fact since Frontier can't mess with the settings on my side anymore.


You can get your speed back if you changed from the Verizon package to the new HSI Max that Frontier has. It will take you going to the escalations department to get it fixed though. I actually had my speed doubled by going this route.


reply to dvd536

Re: not surprising

5gb you can do that on dial up


Carbondale, IL

Mediacom was a solution for me...

I never had too many issues with Frontier, but after paying $115 for phone/voicemail/7.1/0.72 DSL, I moved to Mediacom. $60/mo ($70/mo after a year), and I get phone/voicemail/20/2 cable.

Check out the Frontier speedtest:

And my Mediacom speedtest:

Goodbye Frontier, hello Mediacom!

213 251 145 96

Laurel, MD

How does this pathetic company continue to exist?

Seriously, I want to know.


Toledo, OH
reply to bn1221

Re: ......

And the standards are moot point. A Mot cable modem has the same CableLabs certification as Cisco/Linksys but if you elect to use your own- linksys modem- over a Mot modem from the cable provider- you don't get support either.

So yes- they can decide if they wish to support it or not- and their right.


Toledo, OH
reply to wmcbrine

Re: How does this pathetic company continue to exist?

Because if they were to go bankrupt Obama would be out there bailing them out like he gave the banks and the auto industry that will NEVER repay the money they took.- even though they promised.

And no matter what- people will always believe (as long as the marketing is there) that DSL is dedicated and never shared - a direct connection to the Internet- unlike cable.


reply to wmcbrine
simple. most of frontier's customers are those who have no alternatives so they are stuck with them.


Toledo, OH
I can give you a shit load of areas that have options that also have Frontier- but people still stay- it's the fact that people won't change- just bitch.


Brooklyn, NY
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verizon's endtrails...

there was a case where a customer ordered a dsl upgrade in California and never recieve the upgrade because the line never qualified for the higher speeds.. yet Verizon charged the customer anyway w/o due diligence.. and they got sued..

nonsense like this will end up resulting in class action lawsuits which will cost the company millions.. which in theory will be the stick to properly upgrade the network for fiber... there really is no other way out (short of going out of business, or my evil plan to force verizon to reabsorb these companies), unless they feel coax would be better, lol.


reply to 25139889

Re: How does this pathetic company continue to exist?

said by 25139889:

I can give you a shit load of areas that have options that also have Frontier- but people still stay- it's the fact that people won't change- just bitch.

i wish i was one of those folks who has an alternative. I can assure you that most of their customers in michigan at least, do not have an alternative

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless


Frontier bought a pig in a poke when it bought Verizon's debt with no back end support. VZN pulled the plug and told them to sink or swim. They've been dog paddling and trying to stay afloat ever since. Meanwhile Verizon is posting billion dollar quarters. Cox did the same thing to Suddenlink. The problem is with both companies there is very little other choice.

NO national company wants anything to do with Rural America. They only want areas large enough to cherry pick. It is why one finds Comcast and AT&T in Tulsa and Chicago but not Suddenlink or Frontier. The sad fact is the STATE IS responsible for the wreckage left behind. THEY gave in to ____________ demands instead of standing up for its residents from border to border.
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