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Comments on news posted 2012-06-25 10:07:04: Following on the heels of Charter's past history of dubious modem ownership record keeping and bricking of customer modems, Charter Sunday confirmed rumors - first leaked here in the Broadband Reports forums - that they will no longer be supporting c.. ..

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Nashville, TN
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its 26th, i see no changes.

its the 26th. I dont see any changes on the charter.com website about any changes in packages, prices, or modem ownership.

I acted like I was a new customer, placed an order for HSI, and it asked me if I wanted to lease a modem or bring my own, and wanted to know if I wanted to add wi-fi.

what happened?


Re: its 26th, i see no changes.

said by compuguybna:

its the 26th. I dont see any changes on the charter.com website about any changes in packages, prices, or modem ownership.

I'd have been very surprised if the website changes posted today. Charter is notorious for maintaining an out-of-date site - it has been known to be years behind for some service locations. If you call in I suspect the call center(s) will all have the correct info.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ

R.I.P. Charter

Six more nails into the company coffin.


Nashville, TN
·HughesNet Satell..
·Virgin Mobile Br..

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No changes to existing customer.

I just renewed my contract today, and there are no changes as far as rate, and I can keep my SB Moto SB5101U DOC 2.0 modem for 2 more years.

If you are in doubt of what is happening to your specific package, call and ask, don't speculate . . . (or post in the Charter Direct forum).



Such a negative spin.

This should read:

- Charter provides customers with free D3 modems.
- Charter stops gouging $10 a month for router rental
- Charter simplifies broadband pricing and billing by offering 30mbps speeds for $45 a month, all equipment and taxes included.
- Charter allows you to have up to 4 stand alone HD dvrs in your home for $35 a month total

And if you currently own a modem it still works, but if you have a D1.1 modem why wouldn't you take the free D3 and the 15mbps of bandwidth.

As a customer, I fail to see the negatives... I currently have 2 DVRs and 1 HDbox I pay $40 a month for and a modem I pay $7 a month for, this change saves me $17 a month and I can upgrade my HD box to a DVR...

Kudos Charter

Madison, WI

Re: Such a negative spin.

Customers with private modems are now subsidizing those without, as they are not costing Charter anything extra but are still paying the same monthly fee as those that require a leased modem.

Anyone who recently upgraded to a D3 modem on their own dime (~$100) really got the shank, as they could have waited and gotten a "free" upgrade from Charter. Charter should probably start a buyback program because these users might as well sell their modems on eBay (and opt-in to Charter's "free" one) and at least recover some of their money.

Overall I do think Charter made a good decision to simplify their billing and support by doing this, but don't pretend that there aren't any losers.




i never heard that charter provides a docsis 3.0 cable modem for free
assumed rental is $7 per month

if im wrong/ glad and will go to headqtrs to pick up today!

Avondale, AZ

Free DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

When I signed back up with Cox's phone service. They gave me a Cisco Model DPQ3212 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem with Embedded Digital Voice Adapter.

Just as long as I keep the phone service, I won't be charged for the cable modem.

South Lyon, MI

Modem Tiers

Charter is going to two modem tiers...50Mbps and 100Mbps service also. Existing customers stay on their current tiers unless you upgrade to this service. Currently, Charter is still offering PLUS service for addition $10, which as I understand it is going away in a couple of weeks.

WiFi service will be available at the end of July, maybe longer due to equipment shortages. This modem is going to be an all-in-one modem, similar to AT&T's gateway modem.

DOCSIS 3.0 will be the standard for all *NEW* Charter customers, Current customers can call Charter and request a DOCSIS 3.0 from them. They will either send it in the mail or you can setup an installation for it.

Also, Charter is offering DVR boxes for $5 a box now and the DVR service is $19.95 a month. With Charter's new pricing on DVR's it was cheaper to go with a regular DVR instead of multi-room ones.



Re: Modem Tiers

As soon as this hits, Charter loses me as a customer. I will go to a different provider even if its slower. They won't get MORE from me, they will get NOTHING!!
Naa-P51d Mustang

Springfield, MO

back door snooping

5 bucks says there is some sort of back door chip that will makes it easy to see what you are downloading ie: porn, iso's, movies, MP3's, torrents etc, to make it easier to "comply" with the 6 strikes you are out rule.
Coming to you from the home of Ozark Mountain Country. Where the air is clean, fishing is great, and we actually wear SHOES!

London, ON

Re: back door snooping

I don't even think Rogers or Bell here in Canada could be this dubious and sneaky. Though it really wouldn't surprise me if either one of those two got this idea next.

It must really suck if Charter is your only option where you live.

North Richland Hills, TX
Prob a back door to see how many devices u have hooked to it so they can charge you per device. LMAO
Life is awesome
Woodside, NY

Bring Your Own Money ;)

$53.98 plus free shipping, with RCN the modem rental fee is $4 per month. In a year, the modem essentially pays for itself and you get a $4 credit every month. Let's say a modem lasts about 5 years, that's $240-53.98= $186.02 savings.

Hello, is anyone out there.