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Comments on news posted 2012-08-15 14:21:58: Earlier this summer we scooped a number of planned upcoming changes to Comcast's broadband offerings, including the introduction of a new 305 Mbps (and $300) broadband tier -- and the doubling in speed of the existing Xfinity Blast! and Extreme 50 cu.. ..

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Saint Paul, MN

Please say........

That it's without powerboost. 25/5 is gonna be sweet!

Also, Century Link has fiber here with 40/20 so we'll probably be getting the upgrades earlier.

Fairfax, VA

Maybe, but...

Before I was able to switch to FIOS six years ago, my only choice for low-latency broadband was Cox which I regret to say, I had for approximately 7 years. For many years, I paid for 15/5. Not once did I ever get anywhere even remotely close to 15mpbs downstream. I called about once a month, they sent multiple technicians out and each time the answer was the same. The service that I was paying for was *up to* 15/5. So 1/1 was considered completely acceptable as far as they were concerned. Since the first day that I was able to switch to FIOS, I've never had less than the bandwidth tier that I paid for. Not once. And in most cases, I've had in excess of what I was paying for. Just recently, I upgraded to 150/65 and still, even at that tier, I continue to receive more bandwidth than I'm paying for. Now admittedly, it has been many years since I was a cable customer. DOCSIS standards have changed. And this is Comcast that we're talking about, not Cox. But I personally would be a little hesitant to jump on this until Comcast has proven that they can consistently deliver this much bandwidth to customers during peak network traffic times. Especially as adoption rates at the higher bandwidth tiers increases.


Hoffman Estates, IL

1 recommendation

No additional charge? Pfft!

"and the doubling in speed of the existing Xfinity Blast! and Extreme 50 customers at no additional charge"

I have the Blast tier at this time 25/? (not sure what upload speed is) at $58.95/month. If they double it to 50/5 there is also an increase to $69.00. How is that "no additional charge"?

I'll probably just drop back down to the Performance tier and save $10 instead.




I saw this and got excited and called up comcast to see if I can get an upgrade. extreme 50 costs $100 a month and extreme 105 costs $200. That's ridiculous. why aren't prices effective immediately. I can guarantee you there is plenty of bandwidth on my node, but I guess comcast doesn't want to make an extra 70 a month from me. I woud pay 100 for extreme 105 or even 50 for extreme 50 but $200 and $100 a month respectively is just way too much.

Santa Clara, CA

Lower price

I rather have $15 for 30Mbps unlimited
Expand your moderator at work

Gloucester, VA
·Cox HSI

The 300/75 Speed Tier

The 300/75 looks like a stab at FiOS. They're definitely going to have to do lots of network upgrades to support those kinds of speeds though. Honestly, as bad as Comcast is, I would consider switching to them if they could stably provide those kinds of speeds. Unfortunately there's no cable providers in my neighborhood yet but oh well.

Cherry Hill, NJ
·Verizon FiOS

300/75 speed

The 300/75 is listed at a competitive price point. I wonder though if Comcast will be up to "snuff" considering if other people in the area order the same service and is using their bandwidth?

Personally, I'm enjoying my FIOS 150/75 connection just fine but I will always welcome competition.


Rate increase

In Portland, the local paper announced that Performance goes up soon from $48.95 to $51.95. No word on any speed bump, though it's possible. Apparently, this isn't much of a Fios competitive area.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Jitter and latency determine performance not raw bandwidth.

Boynton Beach, FL


I guess they don't need to compete with AT&T markets?



Prices attractive, cap kills it

The prices are indeed attractive, but for a heavy netflix and streaming video user like me the cap is going to keep me on FiOS, I'm ditching my roommate in november and thinking of cutting out tv, as 99% of what I watch is netflix and the other percentage I could get from hulu or other sites.