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Comments on news posted 2012-08-22 14:46:01: After successfully launching their new EchoStar XVII satellite last July, HughesNet is starting to take the wraps off of speeds and pricing for the company's new "Gen4" broadband services. ..

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I live in the black hole!

I live 30 miles east of Tallahassee FL, and it is a total black hole. No cable or dsl and no cell phone coverage at all! I been on hughesnet for 6 and a half years and it sucks! 250MB cap a day is a total joke. I always have to worry about programs on my computer that start automatically downloading stuff and taking all my cap allotment away. It is totally frustrating. The worst part is they bring services up to a point but they dont get to here. The closest tower is more than 10 miles away, and they put fiber in for dsl, but up to 5 miles away. They were going to put a cell phone tower about 4 miles from here, but decided not to even bother. The North Florida Broadband authority was going to put a big internet infastructure here, but the people embezzled all the money and nothing has gotten done. This place is a sh*thole!


Not unlimited?

c'mon, the 2am-8am should be fully unlimited. Like turn on bittorrent time. It woud actually be semi mediocre if that was the case. For those usage levels, it's just terrible. At least it's a step forward for satellite users...