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Comments on news posted 2012-09-07 14:15:34: AT&T and Sirius XM recently filed a proposal (pdf) with the FCC in the hopes that AT&T will be able to use the 2.3 GHz Wireless Communication Service (WCS) band for LTE services. ..


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...or the service will be used like Sprint is using Clear

AT&T won't have as much spectrum in WCS as Clearwire has in EBS+BRS. The spectrum is also paired, which isn't as good of a bit for download-intensive cellular data traffic. However it's the best AT&T can get for spectrum that focuses on capacity more than coverage, and WCS *will* reach a little farther than BRS/EBS.

While AT&T could in theory launch something like VZW HomeFusion, using a combination of 700, AWS and WCS spectrum for LTE, my bet is that they will focus on the same thing Sprint will focus on when utilizing Clearwire spectrum: offloading some macrocell traffic to smaller, higher-capacity cells in areas where demand is very high. Look for microcells supporting WCS a few years from now where AT&T is trying to use WiFi offloading now. You won't be able to pull a signal more than a mile away from a WCS site outdoors (or half a mile indoors), however within that radius the network will be nice and fast.


Rosston, TX

Change in the Rules?

Hey FCC...How about changing the rules and give unlicensed wireless for channels.


Rosston, TX
change to the rules ... limiting any interference
We know how that worked out. Another serving of Lightsquare anyone?



Good to get spectrum

It's great that they're getting more spectrum. Why on earth are they suggesting it's for home use? It should be pretty obvious that it's for capacity. Most phones now "park" on the PCS band, even when there is CLR available, but can drop to CLR if the PCS gets too weak. That's exactly what this band will do, like AWS, for LTE. Say 2/3 of the customers on a given tower at a given time can use it. They can go between WCS and AWS with tons of capacity, and clear the way on 700 for the users that need the penetration.

However, this doesn't help them for a couple of years, as they have to get it, implement it in devices, and build the network out. Unfortunately, they didn't get T-Mobile, as that was the only short-term fix for spectrum, since they could put the PCS band to work right now. 700 and AWS will start making a significant impact when the iPhone 5 comes out, and continue to do so over the next couple of years.