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Comments on news posted 2012-09-20 08:23:51: AT&T has laid bare their plan with the FCC to hang up on the carrier's landline networks so they can focus on more profitable wireless services. ..

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Chicago, IL

Why this is a really bad idea

POTS is still the most reliable phone connection during bad weather. Hurricanes really wipe out those cell towers.

POTS and DSL are usually far cheaper then Cable.

Cable is NOT available in all areas like phone lines.

U-verse is NOT very reliable. If they are even going to offer that in exchange.
Capitalism is competition, if you don't have competition then you don't have capitalism.

Rush Limbaugh is the cliff clavin of the republican party.


12 miles out

So, what does 70 year old Maggie do 12 miles from town and little to no cell signal for a phone?


for my area???

What does this mean for me...I live literally right next to the AT&T hut for my area. It has the DSLAM in it. Are they going to upgrade it to an IPDSLAM and give us U-VERSE since we already have existing DSL here, or will we be left out? (there is already fiber fed to this hut, plus this hut powers the cell phone tower that's 1 mile up the road.)

I think the cell tower being here is what's going to save this area from being left without anything high-speed...they'll upgrade to keep that cell tower active...and I think they maybe will bring us U-verse so that the backhaul for that cell tower is way up there.