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Comments on news posted 2012-09-26 09:35:36: In case you're one of the few folks still on Verizon's DSL service dreaming of upgrades, Verizon has again confirmed that once current franchise build obligations are completed, Verizon will not be expanding their FiOS services any further. ..

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Whitestone, NY


Horrible. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer in everyway including communications. The middle class is left to compete with both of them.

Jersey City, NJ

Re: Horrible.

Spoken like a OWS protester.
But according to the elite rulers ...."Greed is good".



How Many?

OK, how many of you think that you can expect to have telephone, DSL, cable, four wireless phone, cable and fiber networks all serving the same customer base and have any one of them done well? What about satellite and maybe even data on power line or mesh networks?

Government granted monopolies are propping up the cable and phone companies and spectrum allocation is limiting wireless. The incumbent providers want to protect their monopolies and why shouldn't they if they can? Being a monopoly was a given when they got in this business.

We really need a (one) wireless voice/data network and a (one) land line voice/data network. With the money which has been spent on the current systems we could easily have top notch service almost every where. The trouble is the existing companies are all task with getting something back on their current systems and won't allow a wholesale change.

It's like having four different power grids, all built to serve everyone but each only serving one in four potential customers. It's expensive and won't work well.

I suppose if you bought out current networks and replaced them in an organized fashion some improvement could be made but this won't happen without government action and there are a lot of campaign contributions to be made (and votes to be bought) before this can happen. $$$$$

Conclusion: With the current mix of overlapping networks none of them are going to be fully satisfactory.



its not a dream that burst - just economics of city v rural

fixed line is tough when you have a cable rival but they are building where they planned because that can make money - the article is quite clear re low density places. They will not extend the footprint because it is not going to make money. Thats obviously correct. Rural areas were subsidised in the age of copper build and will need to be so again if they want fibre. No private company can be expected to provide a social service unless paid to do so. Its not their job.




That idiot asshole needs to be ousted from verizon and threw in the street to be run over a million times


Rosston, TX

Pass Perspective

I suppose that means there can be a fiber backhaul line running down the street, but not available for any taps.

Jersey City, NJ

Except in NJ

In exchange for a statewide franchise agreement, VZ has to wire the state.

The only exception is if after faithful negotiation with a property owner of an apartment/condo they cannot come to agreement, VZ can apply for a waiver.