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Comments on news posted 2012-10-02 07:21:04: • UN Broadband Commission finds Internet usage lagging behind [telecoms.com] • Western Europe Forecast to Have the Lowest Mobile Data Growth Rate [ispreview.co.uk] • iOS 6 cellular data bug not limited to Verizon Wireless? [ubergizmo. ..

On the next level..

I love how TWC is dead set

against actually competing against Google Fiber.

Rather than compete, they want to get more corporate welfare.


Chesterfield, MO

Gov. Brown Veto

I haven't read the bill. Did he veto it on principle or because of pork or some other bizarre add-on?

In the interest of public safety, I favor law enforcement taking actions AFTER sufficient judicial review and approval. Just like any other matter, one branch of government should not be empowered without dancing the check and balance waltz. If I have an emergency and a cell phone is my fastest option I don't want the network down because law enforcement thinks there might be a protest. If there is a protest and I'm injured, I still want to the call to work.

If this was truly a significant protest barrier (i.e. being foiled by disabled cell networks), there are alternatives. In the case of wide-area coordinated protest, key folks could be placed near public hot spots with walkie talkies for the last few hundred yards.


Pleasant Hill, MO
reply to mob

Re: I love how TWC is dead set

I don't have a problem with them getting the same incentives, provided they offer the same speeds at the same cost. If they don't then no, screw them.


Chesterfield, MO

Google Rivals Want Same Deal...

If three carriers want to start building fiber optic networks and all they want is the same deal Google has, I say fantastic. However, they have to build fiber or equivalent (i.e. if TWC can do fiber to the 'hood and give unlimited 1Gbps symmetrical from DOCSIS 3.x for the last mile...wonderful! If ATT can build fiber to the node and milk 1Gpbs symmetrical from that old copper...super!).

However, 5 years from now carriers need to remember we the people helped. They are entitled to a fair profit but family dinner conversation should not be like in the Sprint commercial where they try to decide who gets to use the most shared-data-plan bytes.

Sandy, UT
reply to rradina

Re: Gov. Brown Veto

Appears he needs the police vote. I have little doubt that the state will turn off mobile phone capability in an area and then be sued. I suspect they will lose as I can't think of any preccident to allow them to do something like that. Also, what if someone needs to call 911 (i.e. the police)? Yes, they are already there but I'm betting turning off cell towers is going to be more widespread than just the small area of the riot. It would also affect people not in the riot.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to rradina
you also have the factor of is shutting it off even possible, unless a judge orders it the cell companies could just laugh at the police chief when he tells them to shut off the towers in Hollywood.
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