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Comments on news posted 2012-10-17 14:28:52: FCC Boss Julius Genachowski today breathlessly praised the wireless industry for advancements in preventing "bill shock," while ignoring the fact that many wireline and wireless meters don't work correctly. ..

Caveat Emptor
United State
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It is one of my feckless and useless agencies ever created. It has no authority to do anything and does little to help rural America or real Americans, but it sure does spend a lot of time crowing about deals with wireless and telco.

They did it again.
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said by linicx:

It has no authority to do anything and does little to help rural America or real Americans...

As this site points out time and time again, most of this authority has been stripped away when lawmakers voted on legislation written by contributors to their campaigns, the Telcos.

Personally I think that the metering is a deep problem that FCC simply couldn't wade into without incurring wrath from everyone involved. They can't police and verify the meters (think your local gas station and electricity supplier), and more importantly they would be forced to define what a transferred byte actually means. Is it a byte that has been requested? Or maybe a byte that has been delivered? what about pings and other stuff that you never asked for? and perhaps we should discount packet headers too while we're at it? The only way to solve this is to have meters that are accurately defined (even if not always accurately working), and caps that are high and honest, with honest overage charges if those are truly necessary.

Squire James

In other news, the rest of the federal government failed to balance the budget, and the UN failed in their efforts to bring about World Peace (unless The Basketball Player Formerly Known As Ron Artest counts for this purpose).