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Comments on news posted 2012-11-28 14:28:49: Ars Technica is visiting Kansas City to give Google Fiber a spin, and is looking for suggestions on how to truly put the 1 Gbps connection through its paces. ..

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topicIt must be nice...... by Guy-/375th Dec 2012
topicLOL! by djcrazy-/202nd Dec 2012
topicLots of internetting at once by amungus7/191blackkanto : 30th Nov 2012
topicBandwidth over the years by jnemesh-/12429th Nov 2012
topicFor a bit of context... by jlivingood3/103BeakersBro : 29th Nov 2012
topicBut wait, there's more... by Kirby Smith1/5534764170 : 29th Nov 2012
topicThey have a rather simplistic view of it by skuv1/5434764170 : 28th Nov 2012
topicAll that you would ever need... by camper23/388biochemistry : 28th Nov 2012
topicStraight forward by bbchris2nd-/4028th Nov 2012
topicThey make it out like it's bad by BiggA-/4628th Nov 2012
topicWith something faster than 25mb/s by nocannothave-/13828th Nov 2012
topicWhich comes first, the chicken or the egg? by 8744675-/3228th Nov 2012
topichmm by majortom10294/105Chubbysumo : 28th Nov 2012
topicAre these types of articles purposefully ignorant? by MovieLover76-/5728th Nov 2012
topic"How Fast is Too Fast to Be Practical?" by jester121-/3528th Nov 2012
topicThe Internet is quite ready for 1gbps service by NetFixer-/4128th Nov 2012
topicYup ARS is right.... by b10010011-/5628th Nov 2012
topicuse the RIGHT tests.. by tmc8080-/5228th Nov 2012
topicToo slow... by cableties-/3928th Nov 2012
topicISPs shouldn't plan for the future? by Rekrul-/3028th Nov 2012
topicYa Don't Say! by jseymour1/43JigglyWiggly : 28th Nov 2012
topicAnd this ladies and gentleman, is what we call... by Kamus-/5128th Nov 2012
topicmultiple devices on one modem by AVD2/138cdru : 28th Nov 2012
topicOK by Os1/55Rogue Wolf : 28th Nov 2012
topicSo even if google acts like every other ISP... by Xioden-/5128th Nov 2012
topicCan I has? by The Limit-/3628th Nov 2012
topicThis... by Crusty-/6428th Nov 2012
topicAnother Marketing Gimmick? by br0adbanddoc-/3528th Nov 2012
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