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Comments on news posted 2012-12-07 12:35:25: "If there is demand for [1 Gbps] service we will provide it," Time Warner Cable chief operating officer Rob Marcus told attendees of a conference this week while discussing Google Fiber. ..

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Madison, AL

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"There's no demand for 1Gbps at a price point we're willing to sell it at with caps and other limitations in place. Customers are gullible, but not THAT gullible."


Jacksonville, FL

"We're prepared to compete head to head with Google."


"This is one small set up. We can easily use predatory pricing to make sure people stick with the status quo here while we continue to gouge the rest of the nation for slow service."



Stupid ISP's

Who is he to question the demand for 1GB service. They don't need to know what customers are using it for. I hate when ISP's try to snoop I had more than one DSL lines installed and was questioned as to why I needed more than one. My reply was because I want them and it was non of their business

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Time Warner Cable: "We refuse to compete"

Great admission that Time Warner Cable refuses to compete on service offered and price. They have their head firmly in the sand.


Alma, AR
reply to SunnyD

Re: Translation:

And the customers are not stupid either.


Alma, AR
reply to morbo

Re: Time Warner Cable: "We refuse to compete"

Or stuck up there ass.



1g connection

The main need for a 1 gig connection is to feed multiple user all the bandwidth they need. There review was a little funny trying to find a single server that could feed them a 1gig bandwidth test. The real way is to start maybe five test simultaneously at one time to different servers. That is the only way to utilize that fast of a connection.



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reply to jchambers28

Re: Translation:

Well it's only available in 1 of about 200 hoods they plan to rollout in. It's a fairly low income hood too. Not sure how TWC can determine that based on one hood.


united state
reply to jchambers28

Re: Time Warner Cable: "We refuse to compete"

said by jchambers28:

Or stuck up there ass.

I'll take 'stuck up there ass' for 1200.


reply to morbo
TW is in this to make money, not to win popularity contests. Heck, they'd sell paper clips tomorrow if they could make more money doing that. As it is, google and their board are nuts for setting $70 for 1gig service- they'd probably get almost as many subscribers at twice the price.

If and when the time comes for TW to rationalize price cuts or speed increases, they will. Twilight tickets are gimmicky, but a heck of a lot less expensive for them than a $20mo price cut.

Long Island,


TWC will tell you its available *if* you are willing to pay the installation fee of a few thousand dollars first... lol
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On the next level..
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Dearest Time Warner

Hi - I'm a living, breathing customer. I live in Merriam, Kansas. If you give me service equal to Google Fiber - unlimited use, 1Gb/s symmetrical connection for $70 a month - I will sign a 2 year contract.

I'm calling you out, Rob Marcus. I demand. You deliver. Hell, I might even sign up for cable TV again, if there is a value to it for me.



Such Value

People who want to keep criticizing Google Fiber saying that no one wants a Gbps connection, and no one wants to pay $70 for internet, remember that 95% of people are not cord-cutting, and want TV.

$120 for every channel in the book and a ridiculously fast internet connection should terrify TWC. They wouldn't even offer you that at a promotional price now.

Yes, people vote with their wallets. And Google has given them every incentive to make the switch. And for the people who won't desire straight internet, TV is the great incentive.

No contracts, no expensive installation charges, the constant shuffling between promotional and contract pricing, the endless games and hoops to jump through, Google is avoiding all that. You don't think people will find that appealing? I sure as hell do.

As long as they develop a customer service presence, TWC should be absolutely terrified. And of the major cable operators, they're probably the best one overall in terms of TV offerings and uncapped broadband at the moment. Unless you're just dying for 100Mbps+ broadband (and it's capped), Comcast is largely inferior to TWC, IMO.


·Time Warner Cable
reply to JasonOD

Re: Time Warner Cable: "We refuse to compete"

I agree - TWC is selling/supporting many millions of customers vs a single area as a 'project'.
I doubt that Google has a large scale (many millions) at their current price. In fact, Google 'could' pull the plug and walk if they wanted to ( and may after their project is done).

I typically don't like TWC prices, and would sure love to have 1Gbps for $70... but I don't think Google or anyone else will offer it here in SoCal.

It's A Great Time Out

San Jose, CA

Demand is not there???

It's not there because you would price it high! For $70 or lower, it's a steal!

Tavistock NJ
reply to Os

Re: Such Value

said by Os:

As long as they develop a customer service presence, TWC should be absolutely terrified.

That is the key question, isn't it? Google has to be close to worst in the US of large companies in customer service. If, and that is a real big if, they actually deploy live human beings for cust service, instead of just their pathetic email/forum support, they will be a real threat. We will have to wait and see.
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Snohomish, WA
reply to mob

Re: Dearest Time Warner

said by mob:

... If you give me service equal to Google Fiber - unlimited use, 1Gb/s symmetrical connection for $70 a month - .....

Umm he didn't say for $70 per month, he said if there was demand for symmetric gig service.

The real price of providing that service is likely well above google price even with the preferred treatment/franchise terms google finagled.

So would you (and a high percentage of your neighbors) sign up for the long term (2 years isn't long enough too begin paying down the capital cost) if they told you it was twice what google charges ($140)? 3 times? 4 times?
Suppose they let you see their books, and they would still net under 10% profit at those rates, would YOU commit for the long term?


Austin, TX
reply to Os

Re: Such Value

I liked my 50/15 when I was in a Comcast area. TWC doesn't have that. They don't have caps either, but Comcast never complained when I went over theirs. Nor have I gone over what Comcast's caps would be since I've moved to a TWC area.


Lindenhurst, NY
reply to Justsayin

Re: Stupid ISP's

said by Justsayin :

Who is he to question the demand for 1GB service. They don't need to know what customers are using it for. I hate when ISP's try to snoop I had more than one DSL lines installed and was questioned as to why I needed more than one. My reply was because I want them and it was non of their business

If you care about what the isp knows of then why go with google? Google is in it for users data


Xenia, OH
reply to SunnyD

Re: Translation:

Time Warner is smfart! No body wants 1gbs service when the rest of the nation is locked to monopoly slow speeds and providers are locked to even worse pricing bandwidth scales.

Take it from the horses mouth in the article. They are now providing 5GB capped service with high overages for $5 less/month (after bi-annual price hike, modem rental fee, and modem obsolescence fee). This VALUE is something EVERY customer has asked for and true to their word they will "provide" it to every one of their customers.

We've been BEGGING for this don't you know! We as customers have NEVER requested SPEED with BANDWIDTH to use it???!!

Unfortunately monopolies only listen to one thing: "stfu you have no choice but pay the bill" or live like the Flinstones. They paid big to be allowed to have a monopoly now it's our turn to pay for allowing it.


reply to iansltx

Re: Such Value

I know TWC was testing upstream channel bonding to get to 50/25 in NY and NC, I don't know if that's officially launched yet.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS


TWC is JUST getting around to bonding their upstream. 15/1 is the new normal, and 1 is 1,000 times SLOWER on the upstream.

Their current technology cant provide 1/1G, but they can't say that.

Google pitches the cloud (which is HEAVY upstream), so to put it bluntly, TWC is caught flat footed on this one and they know it.

As an incumbent, you always dismiss the disruptive force because of their superior technology or approach. You can't say 1/1GIG is 10 years ahead of its time and our product is sh**t compared to it. C'mon guys.

And to those who think GOOG isnt making money, think again. They not only employed superior technology, but superior logistics and that lowers cost. Of course they tore up the franchise model, which is a good thing, because communities are not homogeneous and should not be treated as such.

Yes GOOG customer service really sucks, but this is why they start out small, so they can get better at it. This whole Google Play fiasco is proof that dropping ads or beta software is different than direct to consumer model. Then again when I used to call TWC it was no ride in the park either....and they have been at it 40+ years.

Park Ridge, IL

PR by Baghdad Bob

Apparently Rob Marcus went to same PR school.

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Google to deploy beyond KC?

»blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdail ··· apstone/

Rory Maher with Capstone Investments today writes that his meetings Monday with Google (GOOG) management suggest the company will expand its fiber-optic home networking service beyond the current test market of Kansas City, though it is not clear what the next city might be.
Do not have a reliable source but word in KC it is Houston.


Saint George, UT

TWC is correct, people just want Cheap Internet!

TWC can provide 50Mbps Internet, but most people don't want to pay for this. So why offer 1Gbps Fiber, if no one will buy it. TWC is putting out the Vapor Offer....We have 1Gbps if you want it!

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Cheyenne, WY

Remember when Google added 1gig of storage for Gmail

I remember well the impact Google had on email when they upgraded gmail to one gig's worth of storage. My Qwest.net account had something like 500 megs at the time. By invitation only and each person with a gmail account could invite 100 people. These accounts where in such demand that people where selling invites on eBay. Now my file space is approaching 11 gig's and it continues to go up. This nuked the other email carriers and they scrambled to match what Google had done. Could it be if Google starts to spread their system out it will have the same affect. Google is so large that they have the where-with-all to nuke the Teleco's and Cableco's if taken to court. The way I look at it, it is a build it and they will come sort of a thing. I keep thinking I started using Google about the 2nd or 3rd day it came on line and have been using it every since.
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North Tonawanda, NY
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The cost

It is true Time Warner is willing and can provide 1Gbps service. The question is, what will be the cost of it for 1Gbps/1Gbps? Will it cost $250,000 to run a fiber line to my home and then another couple grand a month for the actual data connection itself not including any additional costs associated with such circuits? Google is obviously by design doing a massive amount of overselling for Residential service, and besides Fiber and other mediums, Time Warner really only has the DOCSIS network to work with. 1Gbps/1Gbps is going to be quite a feat to accomplish at current times on the plant in many areas if the proper gear isn't in a "Lab" status.

I'd like to be proven wrong but it's the reality of it. If Time Warner will give me 1Gbps/1Gbps via Fiber for even $200 a month and also run Fiber without having to take out a mortgage for it, they've got me right away.



Not surprising

That a cable exec doesn't "get it".

It's not about "1 Gbps". It's about having a real network--symmetrical speeds and no caps. It's about having current technology for the same price--or less--as older, slower technology. It's about a lot of things that have little or nothing to do with "1 Gbps".


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..

Big "BUT"

"...Our infrastructure has the ability to provide much faster speeds today. We're prepared to compete head to head with Google."**

**For enterprise customers only. Speeds up to 1 Gbps and 500GB usage per month, with overage charge of $9.99 per GB. $299 a month after a one-time $399 installation fee with a three-year contract. Modem rental fee of $8.99/month applies as well as HSI surcharge of $4.99.

Monticello, NY

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reply to JasonOD

Re: Time Warner Cable: "We refuse to compete"

Except the costs for google to provide 1gig service for $70 are the same as if they charged $140, or $300, or $500.

Just because every other major ISP in the country charges an arm and a leg for bare minimum basic service and then nickles and dimes the customers for EVERYTHING they can possibly can, doesn't mean every company needs to do the same.