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Comments on news posted 2012-12-18 13:52:27: Internal sources suggest that Cisco is looking to offload their Linksys brand of consumer network gear. An anonymous source tells Bloomberg that Cisco has hired Barclays to find a buyer for Linksys. ..

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reply to thender

Re: Linksys

There's a reason those wrtg54's are still sold years after being "obsolete". They are top performers in reliability and customization. I run DD-WRT on the one at my mom's house and that sucker hardly ever needs touched. Strong Broadcast signal coupled with rock solid reliability.


reply to antdude
Might be your luck. 3400 people on Newegg have reviewed the WRTG4GL and with customized firmware, the sucker is a rock solid.

A Ninja Ant
United State
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said by jc100:

Might be your luck. 3400 people on Newegg have reviewed the WRTG4GL and with customized firmware, the sucker is a rock solid.

:( Oh well. Currently, it is just rebooting for two seconds. If it gets worse, then I will get a new router.
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reply to RRedline
I have a netgear WNR 1000 v2 I received from a friend. it is stable with the stock firmware and is a wireless N device. I just wish he'd given me the v1 or v3. Both are firmware flashable to dd-wrt. The v2 - of course not!. None the less, I've had few issues with the router and am happy. I'd still prefer it ran dd-wrt but it's not supported.

None the less, for a hassle free experience, the WRT54GL sites at my mom's house. I got tired of having to walk her through rebooting a router. Now, her net works, router works, and I have so many less headaches.

New York, NY

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reply to brianiscool
said by brianiscool:

They make great routers they should not sell .

That's probably why Linksys is being sold, because they made great routers without built in obsolescence and are compatible with other firmware, therefore people and companies don't have to buy new ones every few months as most short sighted quarterly based American companies would have people and companies do.

From a time when "Made in the USA" meant something.

I'm on a Linksys router right now, if the things work for nearly ten+ years and this one does and has WPA2 fully set, then it doesn't make sales for the owning company, therefore it's not profitable for Cisco.
The routers that I have now are pre Cisco.

New York, NY
reply to cableties

Re: Love that analyst speak:

said by cableties:

"because it is a mature consumer business with low margins"
Translation: the technology is outdated and not profitable

(personally, I switched to bridging Airport Extremes and Expresses ...for Macs. With mixed OS environments, Dlink has been very reliable. But now, with Gigabit Actiontec router and FiOS... )

Hey, I'm not knockin you Tomato DD-WRT guys...just most "home users" don't even know what a router does!

What's outdated about it? I'm not some hollywood type that needs flash, yo yo yo, gold chains, or everything to be new. These routers are work horses and do the job, that's all that's necessary for me.

If it works, it works, so what if there's some new chip or fancy LCD panel, bottom line, that doesn't make it work better.


Tampa, FL
reply to 60632649

Re: Linksys

Netgear makes great producsts as well. I have one running since 2008.