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Comments on news posted 2012-12-21 08:49:18: Senator Ron Wyden has introduced a new bill taking taking aim at broadband usage caps. ..

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Respect my cartel

Please, these ISPs are all cartels or monopolies depending on the areas. I'm so sick of people thinking they aren't. Wireless isn't even considered an alternative because it's not the same type of service. It's like saying dial up and HSI are both substitutes which is not the case. Is a scooter a good substitute for a car? LOL no and neither is dial up or satellite to wired HSI.

Where people have choices they are run like cartels, and where there is no one else they are monopolies.

You want to argue? The rate of HSI services goes up far faster than the the minimum wage.

In a market where you can constantly raise prices and increase revenue....yeah, I'm sure you have a clue that it's not a very elastic market due to little options as people put heavy emphasis on having Internet access. Couple that with virtually no competing ISPs in the different small markets and you get higher prices all the time.

Then you are going to argue that it is the most efficient market model. Well, even if it is which it isn't, as far as I know all monopolies need to be regulated otherwise they will provide a lot less service than ideal for consumers to maximize higher profits. This includes running service to less people which many already do. Select serving? Straight out of the monopoly handbook. Some areas see service and others don't. Verizon and AT&T by far take the cake showing us how the monopoly is done.

Case in point: ISPs in the USA are a bunch of greedy monopolies and there is little to change that in the near future.

If they are going to be allowed to run like monopolies then a price ceiling needs to be implemented and force these guys to service areas at a loss that they don't want to serve if they aren't going to be upgrading their technology or be done with their bull shit cap stories.

Try to razzle and dazzle us to convince us that they need these data caps. I'm sure the only thing razzling and dazzling any of the politicians that support it are heavy donations and blank checks. Crooked to the core. Yeah buddy!

Sanger, TX
·Embarq Now Centu..

WTH - Come on...CAPS?!

How about doing completely away with caps, providing much faster speeds and do NOT move towards metered billing.

This bill, if passed, will just allow carriers to charge arm/leg through metered billing for folks who might want to fully enjoy what the internet has to offer.

If Google can do it, the big 3 sure as hell can.

Milford, CT

Posted today?

Why does the site say that this story was posted this morning? It was posted yesterday, as the dates on the comments clearly indicate.
Purcellville, VA

The wrong way to solve a problem...

Instead of supporting accurate consumption measuring tools, our government should be promoting the elimination of consumption caps in the first place. I'm not a very big fan of larger government and more laws, but it would seem to be a much more reasonable approach to eliminate any and all concerns about how much data one uses if you're going to enact any laws around this at all.

Consider that many people work from home these days - the impact of such activities routinely add up to gigabytes of data per month.

Consider that even more people have Netflix accounts and steam from services like this routinely. This adds up to gigabytes and gigabytes more as well - especially on faster speed connections. As delivery methods become better, it will lead to even more data consumption. (Imagine some day being able to stream a Blu Ray from Netflix at full 1080p resolution along with the DTS-HD soundtrack in all its glory.)

And then there are other uses as well. Streaming music and video to phones and tablets via Plex and other similar apps can account for significant usage. So can online gaming if you have a PS3 or Xbox. Hulu might into the picture somewhere as well, along with downloading updates and patches (this might not account for a lot - but if you've got a house with several computers and no central update server set up it could).

My point, simply put, is to show that broadband caps do nothing but hurt consumers by potentially forcing people to decide between work, Netflix, gaming, or applying the latest security patches.

Etobicoke, ON

Re: The wrong way to solve a problem...

said by NOVA_UAV_Guy:

(Imagine some day being able to stream a Blu Ray from Netflix at full 1080p resolution along with the DTS-HD soundtrack in all its glory.)

Not stretching the imagination much. That's already possible now.

A fool with a tool is still a fool
Mineral, VA

Good thing we aren't broke or anything.

The government does such a great job with everything. No way this is a power grab and revenue opportunity for the fedgov, no sireee. I mean it is not like the government has gotten involved in so many aspects of every day life that we have been running deficits for 40+ years (taking a loan against our Social Security and leaving IOUs doesnt count as a truly "balanced" budget )

Soon our broadband networks can be operating with the efficiency of the USPS and Amtrak!

Thank goodness!
A happy customer of Millenicom.com - so far.



There is a very easy solution to this. Instead of introducing bandwith caps. Introduce a guaranteed and max speed.

In the case of network congestion, only allow the ISP to throttle connections for that specific congested area and only allow them to temporarily remedy the situation by decreasing the line speed for every consumer for the area until the congested period ends.

If they fall below their guaranteed thresholds on a continual basis they given given a points system and a chance to fix the habitually congested area. If they don't they are subject to fines.

This would solve the majority of the problems consumers have with their ISP.


oh gee

you can have a trillionbit internet no caps but have copyright that lasts so long anything you grab with it becomes some for of rape of some artist long long dead

as i said to rocky the former ceo of TSI
both issues are central to a functioning internet, and now TSI is leaning the hard way i was right....