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Comments on news posted 2012-12-21 11:59:13: Verizon has been trying to justify their blocking of Google Wallet on Verizon phones, insisting the app is blocked because Google Wallet uses the "secure element" on devices to store a user's Google ID. ..

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Allendale, NJ

Root your device

Then install it.. I just did my Samsung Galaxy S3
Sandy, UT

To be clear...

Everyone is jumping on Verizon as this is the well known FCC complaint but it's really Verizon, AT&T and Tmobile (only Sprint got into bed with Google).

The FCC complaint states that Verizon is blocking GW (and they are). Verizon danced around in their answer to the FCC and pointed out that Google is blocking the Secure Element from anyone elses use (they are). As such, Verizon cannot manage their own phone or transactions. Google has not complained.

Google knows that they have locked down the SE from anyone else's use. This gives Google the sole ability to run secure NFC payements on the phone (gee... imagine that). Is this far to anyone else? Again, GOOGLE is blockign carriers from using the SE in the phone and thereby not allowing them to use their own phones for NFC payments. This is why carriers needed to create a Secure SIM... so that they could work around Google's block.

So you can blame Google or you could blame the 3 carriers. You'd be correct in both cases. Just don't think Google si the good guy and everyone else is the bad guy.

On a last note... ISIS is taking WAY too long. I've been using it since 10/23 as I'm in SLC. But I feel for those that are not in Austin and SLC. ISIS was delayed a year before it was released in two cities. It's _way_ overdue for a national release.

Hilliard, OH

secure element

google wallet uses a partition on the phone's eMMC for the secure element. ISIS uses sim card. ISIS solution is better, as it doesn't require destroying the phone when (not IF!) the secure element gets corrupted or out of sync.