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Comments on news posted 2012-12-31 15:31:02: In addition to the inevitable (and sometimes bi-annual) increase in Comcast TV prices, the carrier is notifying out-of-contract customers that their broadband service will see a hike starting in the new year. ..

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Joliet, IL

I dropped my package to.....

the basics....I'm not home much anymore, so I don't need all of the speed or the channels. Plus UVerse for TV looks to be a better deal at the moment....

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

As I said in another thread, prices for internet

and TV has just gotten so high that I am basically one-dollar away from going to the bottom of the pile in terms of TV packages.

Just too high and not even remotely worth it, imo.

I am someone that has particular channels that I want to see and most are not the "highest-rated" channels....and a few are picked in and out of the UVerse channel packages for no apparent reason. Just really annoying.



Why Price's go up

Not one of you mentioned that the NETWORKS increase their price's of service for Comcast & others and I'll throw in the Satellites as well, every quarter the networks try to increase their price's, Valcom, & many others, Disney who owns a hell of a lot form ABC to ESPN, every time you see a new ESPN Anchor or Disney Star, guess what, the price will go up, if you need to complain, complain to the Networks, oh and by the way, thank Obama for the Obama care which will also increase price's for employers to cover the difference for the employee's...WELCOME TO AMERICA....