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Comments on news posted 2013-01-31 09:06:48: Despite the sound and fury coming from Dish and Sprint investors, Sprint's acquisition of Clearwire and Sprint's acquisition by Softbank should essentially be a done deal by mid year. ..


Glen Head, NY

Just Like AT&T

As is usually the case, Clearwire had previously suggested there wouldn't be any layoffs from the acquisition.
Same thing AT&T said about their now failed acquisition of T-Mobile. There would no layoffs! Sure...
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


Re: Just Like AT&T

As soon as deal was announced, there was an indication there would be Clear layoffs.


Clinton Township, MI

Re: Just Like AT&T

The boot in the azz package isn't normally that bad. When I was let go from Sprint in 09, I got a very good package plus I still get my phone discounts where those left behind and working for Erricson (sic?), they were moved to a normal phone account (no SERO or cheaper phone plans).

CW Spain


Good luck, with CW you will need it!

Well, Clearwire sold their Spanish business to local criminals to avoid having to pay severance to their 37 employees here. We are pressing criminal charges against the CFO and CAO and hopefully they will soon get their coming.

Better luck to those CW employees being terminated in the US, but don't count on it.