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Comments on news posted 2013-01-31 16:21:01: Independent California ISP has announced that they've teamed with former rival DSLExtreme to help bring the company's bonded ADSL2+ services to Los Angeles. ..

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Re: How slow is TWC?

said by BiggA:

Landline phone? What's that? lol. I guess a static IP is one thing, although at this point in the game, why are you running servers locally?

Because I can.
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Panorama City, CA
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Re: What about fiber ?

Hi, Glad I saw this about DSL (today) here and Fusion, etc...When you mentioned the phone service w/plan of 40 dollars per month, do you know if that's aside of the tax and fees as they laid out in a section when referring to the fusion subscription plan and depending on city (like mine's 15.40 (I think it said)) and so that's outside of the regular phone charges and the fusion connect, right(?) I mean for the price of all of it's not too bad, but the tax kind of suks, but that's normal. Also, since I'm Cal. lifeline-eligible, is that going to work itself in w/DSL as the phone carrier (if I upgrade to service, that is)? I know you're not working at DSLextreme, sorry, I was looking to get email back of this same inquiry but no dies yet.
Thanks either way, take care*


Panorama City, CA
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(wow) Gaforces, You know what, I apologize, I asked a question in a thread to your fiber and I realize it was the thread or post below or after yours who i was going to post the question about the fees/tax and so that's 'lemonade's post. Sorry again!
I was drawn in to your United We Stand Divided We Fall and that needs to hover high and mighty over the skies especially now, to get that word out.
Sorry again for the mistake.