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Comments on news posted 2013-03-05 10:26:03: A reliable source at Comcast has provided me with the March launch schedule for the company's speed increases that have been slowly deploying nationwide. ..

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East Peoria, IL

Not yet here

I just rebooted my modem in East Peoria,Illinois and still getting 25/4 on blast. I want more speed. Come on Comcast crank it up PLEASE!

Brooklyn, NY
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·Verizon FiOS

meanwhile in the northeast

simply nothing beneficial for the consumer...
so, let's sing:

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWR6FLnP ··· 6FLnPack

Chicago, IL


Is what I've been waiting for! Now I'm VERY inclined to ditch Uverse internet. 12/1.5 DOES NOT cut it on the upstream end. 25/4 or 50/10 here I come.



Performance tier

My connection has always been an oddity.
I have performance tier, that when using speedof.me test site, shows down burst of 25, constant ~17, and constant up of 3.5-3.7.
So, if my area upgrades (i'm between Kentucky and Georgia), does that just mean burst 25 will become constant 25, but no change in upstream?



What about Time Warner?

Will they upgrade their speeds anytime soon?

Addison, IL

Is the Economy Plus tier getting a boost, too?

Is the Economy Plus tier getting a boost, too?

Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA

Powerboost isn't gone

I've seen speed tests from people reporting they've been upgraded and they are still seeing powerboost...FWIW.
"I drank what?" -Socrates

Redwood City, CA

San Francisco Bay Area Update

An Xfinity commercial aired Wednesday morning at 12:30AM on the San Francisco Fox affiliate KTVU announcing internet speed increases. Here is the transcript of the commercial:

The Internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. That's why Xfinity is going to increase Internet speeds on it's most popular plan. And its doubling two of it's fastest. Uverse doesn't come close. Xfinity always has the fastest Internet, period. Awesome is doubling speeds on two of our fastest plans. Xfinity, the future of awesome.

Glenview, IL

Chicago Update

Glenview, IL - North Shore of Chicago


Clinton Township, MI

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Something is flipped

Noticed the past couple weeks my upload is faster then down. What the heck.

Ok. Went out for lunch, came back and tested again, after I got a update notice from comcast.

So, looks like the update hit. However, as we all cry for more speed, they question for those over 15, why? Your still stuck with speeds to the servers you connect to and we all know they don't perform as well as we want. So, I don't see any tangible benefits from what I had before to now. I checked out a couple of online video streams and I'm not seeing any better performance with my network monitor. Oh well, at least it looks good on paper I guess.

United State

Nothing beneficial to the consumer?

Because a %40 increase in speed for the same cost is not beneficial? That's like buying a gallon of gas for $3, them offering you an extra couple of quarts, free of cost, and you saying, "Nah, I don't need it, I'm just going down the road".

If you don't "Need" the speed, why not go back to a dial up modem? I've got one just hanging around some where if you want it. Was the bump from 56k to 128k DSL to much? Web pages were very basic text and lite graphics, and back in the day, 128k was plenty of speed, right? But as we've gained more speed, they've loaded up web pages with more stuff, they're more appealing looking, and higher resolution pictures.
We're bottlenecked at every turn by the bandwidth provided by ISPs. If we all had a 1gig connection, imagine the things game developers could do with online play. Imagine that you could sync your favorite tunes from your computer, to your tablet or phone, from miles away, instantly.

Detroit, MI

Detroit, Mi

Blast in Detroit is now:



Re: Detroit, Mi

I can confirm that the speed increase in Detroit is now online as well.



Re: Detroit, Mi

Just did a speed test today and this is my results from the official Xfinity Speed Test page. I have Blast! service and before yesterday I was consistently getting 30/4 speeds. Consistently.

There is something I've noticed though. I'm getting much higher results from the Xfinity Speed Test than from SpeedTest.net. I don't know why this might be but it continues to happen each test from each different site. Could be different servers, server load, test inaccuracies, etc. The number of different reasons are endless, but still worth expressing.

The SpeedTest.net results are ALWAYS slower. And results are always similar from each respective site, so the results do not fluctuate much. By doing multiple tests at the same site gives you a good base mark to judge your actual speeds. But its hard to know which is correct.
Big Hurt

Battle Creek, MI

Re: Detroit, Mi

West side of the state here and no change in speeds here.

»stage.results.speedtest.comcast. ··· 6052.png




I just called one of the Comcast techs today and he told me that California is due this month as well, he just didn't specify the day

Suffering CO


No speed updates in Colorado as of March 6 2013

Still lazy and slow Comcast has NOT updated the new speeds in Colorado.
I power cycle my modem every day hoping to see the new faster speeds, but I always get disappointed which is quite common with the poor Comcast service.
It would have been smart and very good PR if stupid Comcast would publish the dates when all their regions would start getting the news speeds. But I guess that is too much to ask from horrible Comcast.



When will Colorado have the new speeds?

If any one knows on when will Colorado have the new faster speeds please inform us here as Comcast customer service is oblivious of the new speeds.
Thank you.

United State

Re: When will Colorado have the new speeds?

said by When :

If any one knows on when will Colorado have the new faster speeds please inform us here as Comcast customer service is oblivious of the new speeds.
Thank you.

I'm curious for Utah as well, since we are just right next door. Every time I've called into Comcast about it, the agents had no clue what I was talking about.

Denver, CO
Colorado 3/28


Southwest Florida here...

My Comcast Speedtest
I've been a Triple Play subscriber for a few years now and I love Comcast's internet service. The TV on the other hand... well, let's just say their idea of a DVR doesn't live up to my idea of a DVR (namely TIVO). Three streets down from me is a different city and they've had whole home DVR for over a year, one DVR can play back in any room. We still don't have that even though I'm less then half a mile from the city that does... Whatever!
As far as my internet goes, I'm not sure what package I have but I don't see any tier that offers the speeds I get...



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New speed In Elgin

»/speak/slidesh ··· eQ%3D%3D

Had 25/4



NW Chicago burbs-Bartlett

I have Blast service and had the leased Motorola SB5101U DOCSIS 2 modem which was getting 35Mbps/6Mbps. Got the Comcast email today and went out and purchased a DOCSIS 3 modem (SB6141) and now get 55/10.



Not in Colorado as of March 7

I just power cycled my Motorola SB6120 Docsis 3.0 modem and unfortunately for all Colorado users we still do not have the new faster speeds.
Shame on you Comcast.
When is Colorado going to get the new speeds?
If you know please inform us here.
Thank you.



Colorado is still slow on March 7

No faster speeds in Colorado yet.
Tested on March 7, 2013.
When Comcast? when?

Peoria, IL

Peoria, IL Upgraded

I live in Peoria, IL (about 3 hours south of Chicago) and just got an email from Comcast saying my Blast package has been upgraded to 50mbit.