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Comments on news posted 2014-01-24 08:18:57: A consortium of cable companies including Charter and Suddenlink have sued an Apple, Microsoft and RIM-backed patent troll by the name of Rockstar. Rockstar spent $4. ..

Parkville, MD

Patent abuse needs to stop

The law should be changed requiring that the patient holder either be the originator of the patent or is actually developing products that utilize the patent in question.

R.I.P Dadkins
Elk Grove, CA

It just goes to show

A troll is a troll is a troll!
Speaking of which, why isn't the beverage company behind Rockstar, suing the troll constortium of the same name?

What Country Are We Living In?

Glendale, AZ
I agree. I won't even buy any Rockstar Energy drinks thinking they are the ones behind the patent troll company.
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Independence, OH
reply to spewak
I wounder why considering it's clearly a rip-off of their name. If I where them I wound't want a troll using my name.

Gaithersburg, MD
reply to spewak
Because you can't copyright a name or title but you can trademark or service mark one (with certain restrictions).

As I understand it, in the case of Rockstar, several things prevent the drink company from doing anything litigious to the law firm: 1.) the term "rockstar" has existed for forty years prior to use so ownership is virtually impossible (prior art). 2.) They could trademark the fixed form (method of presentation of the term) and protect that, so unless the law firm is using the same font, style, etc. in a way that could reasonably confuse a customer that they were the same company, it wouldn't be infringing, and 3.) the second argument would probably only hold up if the law firm was marketing a product similar to the one already established by the prior product (Rockstar energy drinks).

For these reasons Apple typically loses or has thrown out any lawsuits they make against others for use of "Apple" (unless it ties directly to a product similar to one Apple already manufactures and has protection of).

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

I hope Rockstar dies off

Rockstar has been a thorn in everyone's sides. They are constantly trolling and being a complete ass. Heck, if I were any of these companies backing Rockstar, I'd avoid them like the plague. Since, well, Rockstar is a plague.


Bristol, RI
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Phone Feature Extortion

I find this interesting because Northern Telecom/Nortel & Western Electric/AT&T/Lucent used to rent features on CO's they sold to phone companies hence the enormous rates for call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, etc etc, the same features that are freely included in wireless plans.

I understand the phone companies have for the most part stayed with the legacy CO's but the rates which customers pay as approved by the local PUC's just keep going up.

No one ever writes about that but some of these legacy switches are probably 30+ years old and the feature rates based on a 30+ year old agreement with companies that do not exist anymore seems as bad of a ripoff as someone who buys the patents imo.

How is this any different than Alcatel-Lucent buying Nortel patents and continuing to extort the local phone companies and hence users?


Milford, CT


I really should patent my idea for using an organic container to pump liquids and gasses, which is regulated by means of electrical impulses.

Then, when the patent is granted, I can sue everyone who is breathing and who has a heart (in the medical sense, not morally).

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
As long as you patent the shape and look of those organic items, then you have an airtight patent.


Palo Alto, CA
reply to microphone

Re: Patent abuse needs to stop

Especially when they won't tell the cable companies what patents they claim the cablecos are violating. Complete bullshit.



Rockstar is not being sued by Rockstar because...

The name is actually Rockstar Consortium?

Also it's actually consists of Apple, Microsoft, RIM,
Ericsson and Sony.

And it's funny to see people complaining about a specific company being a troll when every single company would do the exact same thing to protect themselves and/or increase profit.
See: Google buying Motorola and suing Microsoft with it
Ironically they sued Microsoft on the same day as they made some open patent pledge.

Meanwhile Microsoft is actually getting something like 2 billion dollar a year from Google for android patent royalties.

Just like the gypsy woman said

North TX, US

Grammar Nazi

The article seems to be missing a closing ).
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want to jumpstart the economy?

Think of all the jobs and innovation that we're losing out on because of patent trolling. We need reform now. I suggest a law that places time limits on how long a patent can remain in force, if the holder does nothing with it after a certain amount of time. Give patent holders two years max to either show proof they are using the patent productively or they lose they lose it.