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Comments on news posted 2014-02-03 18:35:15: While capacity constraints have frozen new Aereo signups in markets like New York City, that's not stopping the live TV streaming company's expansion into additional markets. ..



Wish they'd let subscribers sign up outside the reception area

Can't get NYC if you're not in NYC.


I wish money was free .....lol


Rosston, TX
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It's restricted to your registration address, so no.


Fremont, OH
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use a prepaid debit card, then just change the address on file after you get the custom printed one.

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Pay for OTA

Not sure I totally understand paying for OTA unless you're unable to receive it. You still need an internet connection, which, if you subscribe to cable, you're likely to get locals in clear QAM as well, and/or a 'basic' package that usually discounts the price of the internet service (making it nearly a wash - certainly a less than or equal to $8/mo. wash).

I guess more and more areas are locking that down though, so perhaps if you can't get a good signal, the cable company locked everything down, and it's this vs. a cable/sat. package, then maybe it'd be worth considering.


Lewisville, TX
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Re: Wish they'd let subscribers sign up outside the reception area

That would be a clear violation of the law: they can't rebroadcast the households outside the reception area. Dish and DirecTV have the same restrictions: they can't offer local stations to subscribers outside the broadcast area. The exception: if you are an "unserved household", unable to receive a signal from an affiliate station.

In 2010, Congress changed the definition of an "unserved household" from "...a household that cannot receive, through the use of a conventional, stationary, outdoor rooftop receiving antenna, an over-the-air signal of a primary network station affiliated with that network..." to "...cannot receive, through the use of an antenna, an over-the-air signal...". This appears to reduce the antenna requirement -- if you can't receive a signal with rabbit ears, you might qualify.

The law sunsets on 2014-12-31, so you can expect to see a lot of jockeying for position by lobbyists. I expect broadcasters to try to insert language that would prohibit Aereo from rebroadcasting their transmissions.


Lewisville, TX

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Re: Pay for OTA

said by amungus:

Not sure I totally understand paying for OTA unless you're unable to receive it.

Aereo provides "DVR in the cloud", so you can record shows for later viewing. Most cable companies charge more than Aereo's monthly fee just for a DVR rental.

Aereo also allows you to use portable devices as viewers: laptops, iOS/Android tables and phones, and Roku. They are apparently working on applications for Smart TVs and game consoles.

Of course, portable devices don't have to be connected to your home network.
Aereo's site says that on the lowest video quality, a typical 30-minute program uses 100MB of data. That's about 55 KB/sec, which can be streamed over 3G cell networks. If you have a generous data allowance, you can view them anywhere.

Their site also says that it checks the IP address to confirm your location, and/or will use location services on your portable device. So, maybe you have to be in your broadcast area to use a portable device. Can an actual Aereo user confirm how this works?


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Re: Wish they'd let subscribers sign up outside the reception area

Great answer. Thanks! I can get most of the local channels with a home built phased array antenna so I guess that disqualifies me. It's a good service if you're in a dead zone, but not when you can get free OTA.