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Comments on news posted 2014-02-11 16:37:34: So just as I was talking about how Verizon was refusing to compete with T-Mobile on price under the argument that their network is so good they don't have to, Verizon Wireless has started making some very minor moves to compete on price. ..


Edmond, OK

VZ is not being competative

They will be competing once they start lowering the line access fee on phones that are out of contract like ATT.


Champaign, IL

Hands Off T-Mobile

News like this hammers another small nail into Sprint's takeover coffin of T-Mobile.

Pittsburgh, PA


So how do you actually get it?

I'm not reading a 818239 page thread on howard forums and there is nothing on VZ's site.

Also what's the catch? re-upped contract? blood sample? etc

Palm Coast, FL

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Cue the Verizon nut-huggers!

It seems there are some on this forum who will support Verizon regardless of what they do. I hope to see Verizon be forced to compete with others and I hope they lose market share.


Springfield, OR


This .. is just a free activation promotion. They run deals like this all the time and it is not a sign of competition. Lol, we waived a $35 dollar fee for a few days. Lol.
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New $45 plan which includes Unlimited Talk, Text & 250 MB Data

I noticed this new plan last night and just switched to their $45 plan which includes Unlimited Talk, Text & 250 MB Data. It's like I'm on Straight Talk again (Verizon phone) but without the unlimited data. 250mb is all I need since I use Wifi for everything and can easily afford to pay the the overage charges 1 or 2 times a year.


Plan Details $45 $60
Voice & Text Allowance Unlimited Unlimited
Data Allowance 250 MB 1 GB
Data Overage $15/250 MB $15/500 MB


Brooklyn, NY


Verizon does not compete on price. AT&T made this abundantly clear when touting how much better their network is/was than Verizon's... and said almost NOTHING about price-- check out the advertising for the last 8 or so years.

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Washington, DC

We'll know soon enough...

When Verizon releases its new churn figure, we'll know the effect T-Mobile's having with its uncarrier initiative.



Good Time for Buyers

For someone like me right now, waiting this out could really provide some better wireless options.

The market is being disrupted, and is actually working like a competitive market thanks to T-Mobile.

The big boys are scared, and as T-Mobile's network catches up and people's disposable incomes get smaller, postpaid contract phones will be on the way out. With limited chances for growth right now, there's not really anywhere to go but down for Verizon, and that means lower prices.


reply to DB9

Re: New $45 plan which includes Unlimited Talk, Text & 250 MB Data

You can also have multiple people with that plan on the same account. There's no discount for doing this, but the point is that you don't have to create separate accounts for each family member if everyone wants that promo plan.

I've signed up a lot of two-line families lately because of that plan, and they get unlimited talk and text and 250 MB each (not shared) for $90 a month total.

Obviously it's still not as good a deal as T-Mobile but it's a heck of a lot better than the previous "bare minimum" options they had previously.


AT&T is actually at this point for me cheaper

So I just got on the new plan AT&T has to compete against Big T and right now with 4 lines and 10 gig data I am actually cheaper (not by a lot) but cheaper none the less than T-Mo and I don't have to worry about the Spint AHOLES taking it over. I don't know why they just don't go after US Cellular. They have really slid down the crapper and need a takeover. Better for Sprint as same technology



Verizon has been doing this for a while

Last month I activated two iPads on their network. The rep at the time told me to the effect:

Boy you are lucky we are having a no activation fee special for this week-end only.

I have a feeling Verizon has been running this no activation fee for quite a while. Especially with regards to tablets when T-Mobile is offering free data.


Durham, NC

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This here...

"You'll know T-Mobile's really having an impact when and if you see price movement on AT&T and Verizon's most common data allotments, or those per-device fees charged to connect a device to a shared data plan."

That is the money shot (pun). The device access fee is to make up for the drop in subsidy under the new device model. It's proof that carriers had no intention of you getting a lower bill once you've paid your bill enough to break even on the device subsidy. In fact the carrier makes out like a bandit because you're now directly paying them back for the full price of the device at the same time paying the access fee(I call it the 'dial-tone' charge from the old POTS days).

T-Mobile is doing all the right things. Keep it up!


Jersey City, NJ
reply to DB9

Re: New $45 plan which includes Unlimited Talk, Text & 250 MB Data

This is about time. How can a company talk and talk about having the best network, if no one is using it.



Called about this last...

and to get this special 60 per month plan there are 2 requirements. You must be in the last year of your 2 year contract AND you must extend your contract by 1 additional year. Also, you can not use any other discount with this plan.

My contract is up in 4 weeks, not giving that up right now. Will evaluate T-Mo vs my partner discount.



reply to underthehood

Re: AT&T is actually at this point for me cheaper

US Cellular is so small and inconsequential at this point, they do nothing for anyone. Their network is such a joke, and they have such a small amount of spectrum, no 4G roaming, and a 200MB roaming cap before they kick you off their network. And they switched from Verizon to Sprint as a roaming partner.

I've been with US Cellular since 2006, but the last year has been awful. I'm just waiting for the market to disrupt some more, for Verizon to buy US Cellular or for AT&T to fill a few coverage gaps they have in PA with 4G LTE.


Marion, IL
reply to Mike

Re: neat

Simple, call or go into the store. Tell them you want the 'loyalty offer'. If you're in a contract it is a one year extention. Out of contract it is a one year contract. Want a new phone? Two year contract. Just did it today with my granddad.


Binghamton, NY

Yeah, almost a year ago. :P

Yesterday I noted how the company had started offering a $60, unlimited text and voice with 2 GB of data offer to loyal customers.


Binghamton, NY
reply to JasonF

Re: Called about this last...

said by JasonF :

You must be in the last year of your 2 year contract AND you must extend your contract by 1 additional year.

The rep you spoke with was misinformed. The tread on Howard Forums was littered with people who got this deal without extending their contracts. A bunch of people jumped ship to it right before their contracts ended so they could get a device subsidy but keep the loyalty plan.

The first requirement is true, from what I've heard.

reply to cferro

Re: New $45 plan which includes Unlimited Talk, Text & 250 MB Data

Considering VZ has the most wireless subscribers in the US, I'd think people are using the network.


Newton, NJ

They offered it to me in december

They offered it to me when i left...the retention guy was flabbergasted at the fact i was going to be paying a few dollars less then that price for TWO lines and still get roaming on Verizon...
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Mesa, AZ
reply to posthaste

Re: Hands Off T-Mobile

said by posthaste:

News like this hammers another small nail into Sprint's coffin



Edmond, OK

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look for news from verizon tomorrow 2-13-14

Verizon FiOS

Marshfield, MA
reply to kwbelt1

Re: neat

Are you sh****g me? A contract? Verizon requires a contract to offer service without any new equipment? What a joke!