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Comments on news posted 2014-04-09 10:29:40: There's a growing number of wireless companies that have recently started trying to offer cell phone services that rely heavily on Wi-Fi, most of them riding on the Sprint network (Scratch, Republic Wireless). ..


No thanks

Straighttalk or T-Mobile pre-paid $30 a month plans work out well. Somehow Comcast would manage to charge for free Wi-Fi calls.
Congress could mess up a one piece jigsaw puzzle.


Purcellville, VA
·T-Mobile US
·Verizon Online DSL

Comcast Connect VOIP

Right now, Comcasts iPhone and Android Billing app also has VOIP/Texting using your Comcast Voice account built into it. You can get 4 extra numbers free for devices with this App. Works just like a normal phone, calls can be received. Very good voice quality.

I use this where T-Mobile has no indoor coverage.

Hopefully they wont kill this great feature.



Not going to work

I can tell you it will fail because the wireless market is changing so fast with all this talk about 5G 6G and so on. Comcast can't keep up with security installations because they don't have the proper licenses in Massachusetts and I am sure other states will kick them in the butt for this as well. How are they going to manage to keep the wireless side up to date and keep an MVNO contract with Verizon to boot? And who is carrying the phone traffic? Comcast has been famous for losing calls, service and even E911 issues. I really don't feel comfortable giving Comcast my wireless phone. I will stick with Verizon direct for that one.



Could this mean...

That Comcast will be upgrading its peering soon? It is easy to blame things on Netflix or Youtube, but trying to explain emergency calls not going through because they're congested to a bunch of other networks people "roam" onto is a tougher beast. The Comcast people are not stupid, so they've probably thought this through very carefully.

Snohomish, WA

depends how cheap it is

since Wi-Fi is not cellular phone the coverage will be very area dependant, but the cost is very little (hard to prevent people from using third party VoIP/chat/IM apps ) so it MIGHT be worth the cost of the mobile bandwidth if over Comcast's Wi-Fi, or $5 a month if WiFI roaming partners cover the gaps.



figure they will

If they decide that the usage for the service becomes high enough, they'll start charging for it, no doubt. Consider the drug pusher analogy for apps, they are both very much the same. Start out free, once you get hooked they start asking for 'small maintenance' fees, then they roll it into a standard service fee. They may never actually change anything at all about the app, but they will change they way they bill it.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to notworking

Re: Not going to work

Massachusetts won't have much of a say so. This is VoIP and states do NOT regulate VoIP. The FCC regulates the VoIP side of the entire country. And its not regulated much at all. 5G and 6G (both not even such things yet and won't be out for many many years to come) have nothing to do with this. Comcast VoIP would just be an app that uses WiFi to connect to the servers. The same as Republic Wireless. Or even TMO Wifi Calling. And FYI- All carriers have issues- just not Comcast.

Btw- is this IowaCowboy?


Fremont, OH
reply to xFinIto

Re: Could this mean...

You do realize that their Phone service does not use the same peers and is completely QOS over the regular internet while it stays on their own network?


Fremont, OH
reply to Probitas

Re: figure they will

So they'll do as the phone companies do now. But Comcast already gives the app away to their digital phone customers.

Cat god

Riverside, NJ

Using Comcast's WiFi hotspots? No thanks.

I hope Comcast doesn't plan to use their WiFi hotspots for this as 75% of the time they don't work correctly. Either the Internet connection is down or it's so ridiculously slow, it might as well be down.



Wont catch on

Won't come to iPhone. BlackBerries have had this for years on T-Mobile.