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Comments on news posted 2014-07-14 11:18:00: There's one day left for the public to comment on the FCC's controversial new net neutrality rules, which in their current form many argue will simply encode the kind of troll tolls and prioritized pricing schemes carriers have spent a decade dreamin.. ..

From Monkey to Man
Minneapolis, MN

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Speaking of Dingos...

That Twitter post with the shining face of Wheeler says: "we have received about 647k comments on #netneutrality (much more than the 100 or so people I thought cared about this issue). Keep your input coming because 1st round of comments ends July 15 and we will delete the whole thing by then anyways."

Pittsburgh, PA
I wonder how much of them are actual comments vs spam or flaming?

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

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this is just a stunt. nobody will read ever it. (and yes i filed a few times already)
they'll run all comments through some metadata engine like they do job resumes,
and maybe extract from it the most commonly repeated talking points and geodata.
the only way to block this is getting our do nothing congress to make isp's title-ii,
which they won't do because they fear it could make the fcc too powerful.

Laurel, MD

My Additional Comments-Not

With 647K comments I doubt that anything I could say would be new (or even be considered...sigh). I'm sure there's a lot of noise and anything I might say would be lost in it.



Shocked at the number

I'm shocked that its such a low number. I'm sure they will scan for a few key words across the whole, give them some lip service and then never mention them again.


Lakewood, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to ricklg

Re: My Additional Comments-Not

Dont use that excuse. thats like saying your vote does not matter. it does. Every voice needs to be heard. The more voices the more the FCC will take notice. dont let ATT astroturfing win out. Three days ago that total was 205k
Lakewood Accountability Action Group | »www.LAAG.us | Demanding action and accountability from local government



647K have commented...

However, the FCC will do whatever AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, CenturyLink says to do. This is just a dog & pony show and Wheeler doesn't have the testicular fortitude to do anything.

The internet, as it was intended to be, is nearly dead.

Jason Levine
reply to Kuro

Re: Shocked at the number

I think that the number that e-mailed is higher than the number that submitted the form. Partly because submitting the form means that your information goes on the FCC's website for everyone to see. I appreciate the transparency, but decided to go the e-mail route. (I'm also posting my entire e-mail to them on my blog - all 1,250 words.)
-Jason Levine

Jason Levine
reply to ricklg

Re: My Additional Comments-Not

Even if there's nothing unique in your message to them, right now it's a matter of pure numbers. If 1,000 people submitted their opinions, the FCC could ignore those people and assume there wouldn't be any consequences. When you have nearly three quarters of a million people, though, even the FCC has to listen. (If only to figure out a way to look like they are protecting Network Neutrality when they are really giving the ISPs what they want.)
-Jason Levine


Decatur, GA

Link to FCC comment form

The link to the FCC site in the article goes to the incorrect form, which is for submitting documents.

The express comment form can be found here...




Example of corporate shill...

Here's a good example of the kind of idiocy people that want and deserve an open internet are having to go up against..


reply to 8744675

Re: Link to FCC comment form

said by 8744675:

The link [in OP] goes to the incorrect form [...] The express comment form can be found here:

Thanks for that. Will make good 11th hour use of it.


Springfield, OR

I wrote two important comments/suggestions

comment 1:

Basically I believe that the corporations are hoarding Internet resources, making it a place in their own mind where they are to have control, claiming a right to profitize off it.

I don't think they should have the right to own the Internet and I think it should be considered an open communication medium. I think that the people want an open network to communicate with each other on. And this means ensuring that companies cannot infringe on the rights of the citizen to send or receive data unobstructed, to tamper with data or transmission, or to make it hard for me to communicate or receive data from someone on the internet.

The issue with net neutrality is they want to "own it" even though this is a public network system for communication between private citizen. They also part take in adding onto the Internet, building some parts of it's infustructure, but then refuse to maintain it and upgrade it afterwards, leaving the network crippled, or using it as an excuse to cap or charge high fees for service. IMO this anticompetitive and monopolistic behavior should not be allowed; I think the Internet should be re-branded as a common carrier that must be fully regulated, like the air waves in a sense or the mail system, and companies should be forced to maintain it through regulations. Maintaining it, if they are to be allowed to maintain it, means keeping the system upgraded, upgrading copper lines and moving to fiber, and creating a system that is useable and accessible to all Americans.

They claim there is a capacity issue but there truly is not if you imagine that all you have to do is build a robust fiber optic network to each persons home once, and the system, if modern technology is deployed, will not suffer any sort of bottlenecks. Therefore there is no need to limit one customer, or to "charge extra" for premium bandwidth.

The net should pay for itself and be restricted of profit, to make it accessible, so all Americans can access their right to it.

Also the issue of a home user being able to part take in the internet by broadcasting video, voice, and large amounts of data should not be obstructed; so as the internet doesn't become one way, "corporate medium" distribution center, giving people choice of content providers and the tools and power to avoid big media conglomerates if they so choose. This means that home users have the right to run servers from home, on 10Gbps fiber connections, preventing censorship and control by mega corporations who might choose to censor and limit individual people, who normally are denied the access to compete through high costs and crippling caps and limitations.

This is about freedom, liberty, and ability for all citizens to compete and share and communicate and preventing any single entities control, through good practice and government enforced regulation to make it so.

A cap in price to something like the Affordable Health Care act to 80% must go towards cost of actually running the network should be put into place, making it so only 20% can go to administration and profit costs, thereby ensuring price fixing and monopolistic behavior cannot succeed.

also lastly, I believe that the individual should own the content they transmit, thereby it should be a crime for companies to interfere with transmission, to block transmission, or to modify, restrict, or alter network transmission in any way (remember when Comcast would throttle BitTorrent users by injecting fake packets and sending the packet to users computer to force the client to end transmission? that type of hacking should strictly not be allowed; in fact, to protect privacy, network operators should not be able to track usage or to spy on the packets, as an illegal form of wiretapping.)

-Todd Giffen
405 W Centennial BLVD
Springfield, OR 97477
Comment 2:

I previously made a statement regarding the ideals of how the internet should be run to protect freedom;

I wanted the FCC to also know about another problem that is unique to wireless signals such as cellular, WiFi, 4G, LTE, CDMA, HSPA+, GSM, TDMA, and even cordless phones.

I believe that wireless internet is causing the human population literal cancer, headaches, anxiety, sleep problems and drops in melatonin, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, autism, and DNA damage. This is because microwaves and many wireless signals have showed biological health effects outside of heating, that are not being considered by the FCC despite their proven reality.

Last year, a White Paper called "Biological Health Effects of Microwaves" was released by Professor Emeritus, Martin Pall, PhD, MD, doctor was Washington State University, documenting the research literature on how microwaves from cellphones, 4G, WiFi, military radar, and other signals interact with human and animal tissue, yet safety standards claim there should be no risk. In fact it is shown that microwaves and other wireless signals activate the voltage gated calcium channels in tissue, forcing a release of calcium, which leads to creation of super oxide and notorious oxide, and many damaging health effects inside human beings. The FCC despite knowing about this, because most of the research comes from decades ago in published white papers, continues to allow 4G and wireless technology to be deployed without regulation, despite these problems. People living under or close to these signals have many problems that result, but due to misinformation from the FCC, we the people don't even know the source or cause. These problems include extreme sleep disturbances and development of cancer, and all the previous mentioned effects. Cellphone studies also shown that if you use a cellphone daily you have a guaranteed significant increase in risk for many types of brain tumors, previously downplayed in the media because it was thought that most people used a cellphone less than an hour a week but trends show that people now use a cellphone for hours a day and are always around sources of cellphone or cellphone tower emissions. 5% of the population has a super sensitivity and extreme reactions to being around microwaves, including pain and headaches, and nausea, yet there are no safe zones or places where the technology is completely banned or regulated.

So I want the FCC to take into consideration that cellphone, WiFi, and wireless technologies are no different from cigarettes, have dangerous side effects, that it is proven and documented in many reports, and that we should try to lower the levels of exposure and stop blanketing society with it. We should create an initiative to move to safer technology, something called single photon width communication or directed energy.

By using directed energy, one can avoid omnidirectional fields, and using smart radar, even beam the energy around people by having the base stations placed all around people yet monitoring passively if people pass between, refusing to transmit, perhaps switching to a base station that is not obstructed.

The military has directed energy and multi-functional radio frequency directed energy systems, patents owned by Raytheon, that is a suitable replacement for old-school deadly omnidirectional systems.

In a directed energy system, a lightgun in my phone would send a single photon in a pulsed fashion to the base station directly focusing to the base station. the base station might have an array of ports to monitor photon transmission, .. the cellphone device or other unit disconnected from the base station would also have a receiving port, and the base station would focus using a light gun a photon stream directly into my device.

This eliminates the massive stream of radiation that penetrates all tissue in the current system. It also guarantees each device a dedicated connections to a fiber optic cable through the base station, with ability to reuse the same frequency for each device. Thereby freeing up the spectrum for use by humans, planetary systems, and other living organisms. This reduces cancer, issues with sleep, headaches, cancer risk, etc.

BTW because of the way radiation works, damage is continuously being done with it; It's not a matter of "well, does it cause cancer, or not?" Cancer itself may be the accumulation of the continuous damage done by microwaves and radiation, mutilating and damaging tissue function.

Furthermore, the brain through the pineal gland is known to sense microwave radiation, preventing ramping up of melatonin production, thereby preventing sleep, preventing repairs during sleep, and causing cancer when the body is unable to repair itself during sleep thanks to microwave exposure.

Microwaves also heterodyne into a persons brain, altering brain frequencies, causing sickness and injuries in humans.

Birds and bees are effected by EMF as well, as birds lose the ability to migrate and the electromagnetic field of the earth can no longer be detected.

Bees apparently are driven away from EMF sources, a cause of colony collapse disorder.


Microwave Electromagnetic Fields Act by Activating Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels: Why the Current International Safety Standards Do Not Predict Biological Hazard,

Martin L. Pall Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University:


Dr. Paul Dart,



Dr. Paul Dart and Dr. Martin Pall testified about the harmful effects of microwaves and 4G/cellular technologies before the Oregon State Legislature Feb 2014, observed in the full video/recording of the hearing: »www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/me···tion.mp4

A documentary called, "Resonance: Beings of frequency" covers this more. »www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/me···20HD.mp4

It was found that the planetary system, the earth, creates a magnetic field of 7.83Hz. And man-made fields are overriding the field of the earth. Furthermore the human body apparently gets sick when removed from the earths field, currently being fully overridden.

DNA is also found to use electromagnetism to communicate messages, controlling particle movement and flow at the subatomic and atomic and molecular levels; Man-made signals/Microwaves are likely to interfere and damage this process.

Another documentary called "Energy weapons part 1" documents how the United States military is targeting Americans and other people world wide for electromagnetic assault and injury, in a deliberate fashion, to create all the illnesses allowed by electromagnetic exposure. Here is the video: »www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/me···pons.mp4

Besides directed energy replacement technology for wireless communication, I think moving internet over to fiber optics is better than allowing corporations to not deploy fiber, as AT&T and Verizon have said they'd move to deploying LTE in certain areas instead of fiber or even DSL.

Wireless technology IS NOT a suitable replacement for fiber optic connection to peoples homes due to the health effects and limits on capacity. There are things being done to improve capacity but those things may introduce greater and greater health effects as they rely on beaming radiation into everyone's environment instead of limiting the signal to a fiber optic line.

Thank you FCC for considering this important information. And please limit the governments and the corporations ability to hurt us by banning microwaves use, limiting it's use, and by providing proper information to the public about the health effects and long term consequences of exposure.

-Todd Giffen
405 W Centennial BLVD
Springfield, OR 97477
I forgot to include the website which has good information on the harmful effects of cellular tech and WiFi in schools. »www.rfemf.com/
www.oregonstatehospital.net - CIA and state of Oregon set me up and targeted me with a microwave weapon, learn more.