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Comments on news posted 2014-07-16 08:15:19: I've been writing about the dysfunction of the FCC's E-Rate program for a very long time. ..

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

There is massive fraud here in Oklahoma

The State of Oklahoma has made moves in many cases to prod the FCC to shut criminal companies down.

Local media have run stories about how bad the "Lifeline" "Free Cellphone" problem is here.
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini



It's not just about e-rate

The USF Strike Force isn't concerned solely (or perhaps even primarily) with fraud and abuse in the E-rate program. There are three other big USF programs that will be subject to heightened enforcement as well.

On The Road


I just don't see this working. I only see it as a way for Wheeler etc to hire MORE people to use more money to not do anything good. I bet 1 shot of they get someone and it's in the news for however long, then nada. But we the tax payer will pay for these people forever. And the USF funds will still disappear forever.
Are YOU just a turkey voting for xmas?

Hail to The Victors
Detroit, MI

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No Fiber, no money

USF should be limited to terrestrial deployments, and fiber only.



I'll take that job

I emailed Neil Grace asking how I sign up to be on the team.


Chesterfield, MO
reply to karpodiem

Re: No Fiber, no money

USF should be eliminated.


San Jose, CA
reply to wkm001

Re: I'll take that job

You will need to rid your body of any moral fibers before being considered.


reply to wkm001
Info on how to do that?

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Santa Cruz, CA
reply to beck

Re: Ok...

Yes it seems to be a play to get more cronys aboard the government gravy train. Throwing more money at the black hole.
Doesn't the FCC have their own accountants and lawyers already?
Let them eat FIBER!

San Leandro, CA
reply to mikeluscher159

Re: I'll take that job

How to rid your body of any moral fibers? Can't be that hard... enough people seem to do it all the time...

Mr Anon


E-rate is already limited.

These stories always catch my eyes and they seem off from what I see and know.

E-Rate is already limited. If you don't hit the 90% need mark (meaning that 90% of your demographic needs assistance) You're flat out being told you won't get assistance. You may be able to receive help with the cost of external connections but no hardware and so on.

The tons of paper work and scrutiny we have to go though just to file for things makes me wonder how people get away with this huge about of fraud. Not that I doubt it exists but not as larger as reports from a decade ago suggest.

Also because of the cut in funding and what's being granted, we're no longer able to get consultants. If a school has a high amount of assistance needed for its students then they aren't going to be huge on funding period, for equipment, for service and for staff. If they can't afford lots of money for staff then they are going to attract or hold very highly skilled staff and thus they may need contractors to help implement new things.

I don't hear people speak of it as something they want to see cleaned up to work better, more so just they want the charge gone or for it to fund a narrow wish for items.