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Comments on news posted 2003-12-12 11:28:01: An update on the recently reported IE vulnerability that lets people create fake sites that look real and disguise their true address. You can see the bug in action using this hoax site: here (designed by us). ..

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Mcafee Caught it for me.

I'm using Mcafee VirusScan 4.5.1 (corporate ver.)
Dat 4.0.4313, Engine 4.2.60 and it was able to catch it.


Riverside, CA

Who's fault is it???

What a great b**ch session for all you Microsoft haters. I bet you are all the same ones who would cry that the fire department didn't make it to your house fast enough when you left the iron on. I mean whose responsibility is it to keep you safe on the internet, anyway?? The way I see it there is exactly one 'entity' responsible for your internet safety... YOU!!

IE, Mozilla, Firebird... who cares?? The reason there are so many exploits for Windows and IE has very little to do with superior design of the other products and everything to do with the fact that 95% of the online world are using the MS products. Let's think about it... if I'm going to plan and execute a scheme to the detriment of internet users and/or for my own personal gain am I going to target ten thousand users or hundreds of millions??

The bottom line is this... Choose a browser you like, with features you like, and accept the responsibility to keep yourself secure!!

Buck Fush

Charlotte, NC

I'll take IE

Exactly, you can keep your 3rd rate, wannabe-IE browsers. Keep your witty MicroDollar acronyms (M$), and all your "better-than-thou" attitudes. IE is the best browser on the market. What? IE is has vulnerabilities? Great! Come get me you l33t h4x0rs! I'll take a vulnerable IE over any of the half-a$$ browsers suggested here.
You practice "security through obscurity", and nothing more.

High Speed Junkie
Newark, OH

Try Avant

The Avant browser did not seem to have a problem with this.:o
When all else fails, get out the BFH



IE detection (sorta)

When you click a Spoofed link, look at the very top of the IE Window. You know, where it says 'Site Name - Microsoft Internet Explorer'.

Well, as it's loading the page and before it's loaded the Page Name, the URL appears and (On IE6 SP1 which is what I'm using) a small square appears right after the URL.

I know it's not much of a help, and maybe a tad hard for people on Broadband to notice, but it's a help all the same...