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Comments on news posted 2004-03-09 15:04:58: Road Runner Lite is a new product offering that will be used as a means of retaining current RR customers that may want to disconnect their RR service. RR Lite will be a much slower speed and will have fewer features available to the customer. ..

Hilo, HI

Too low : How about matching DSL speed and price?

The link doesn't work.

I talked to a tier 3 tech in Honolulu a few days ago and was told there would probably be tiers by next year. I would love that...but not this! This is stupid and would not get me to stay with RR if DSL was available. I want faster service than this "lite". I want what we had before the "upgrade". 2000/384 or 1500/384 at $10 - $15 a month cheaper would be great. THAT would compete with DSL. I'm not in the least interested in further speed upgrades...I'm interested in "reasonable" (not this pathetic lite thing) speed at prices that match DSL.

The only advantage to the "lite RR" is that I don't have set the killbit for flash! There is no flash RR site...that IS wonderful! Plus, I don't ever use any RR software so I would be very happy to get rid of that junk entirely...still though the speed is way too low to interest me. Why would RR think this would keep anyone from switching to DSL?
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Its not worth it

They told me it would still be faster then dsl and its not they lied to me. The speeds dont dowload any faster then 30kb/sec its ridiculous and were paying $30 which is more then half the cost of regular road runner so I WOULD THINK that I would get at least more then half the speed. Guys this is a rip off . I need to call my isp tommoror

it didnt seem like it the moment that i was told about it.
dsl is pricey but worth the speed. rr has been going downhill and has lost a lot of customers from the high prices. all they need to do is lower the original products price.