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Welcome to the Broadband Tweaks Forum. If you need/want assistance, we must have the answers to these 11 questions. There are no shortcuts to being helped!

Simply put N/A for any that do not apply to you.

1. A Tweaks test from this page. Simply post the tests URL. Please make yourself pingable by lowering firewall, etc..
2. The fastest of the 3 speed tests from this page. See FAQ on copying test results if necessary. You might also run a test from the Speakeasy or site as well. Please note this for us. Post your results and the location you used.
3. A Line Quality test from here. Please copy & post the URL in the red box! If the wait is too long, do this later if requested.
4. What type of Internet connection you have (DSL, Cable, Wireless, Satellite) and who your ISP (Internet service provider) is and the make, model and type of your modem.
5. If DSL, do you use PPPoE connection software? (Do you have to connect to the Internet?).
6. If PPPoE, which one? WinPoet, Enternet, RASPPPOE, etc.?
7. Which operating system you use? Windows 98/98SE/ME, etc.
8. What your advertised speeds are (ask your ISP).
9. If your PC is on a network, and/or using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or VPN.
10. If you use a NAT router (Linksys, Netgear, etc.) for sharing your connection, and if so, the brand and model of your router.

Right click on "Yes, I still wish to post" and choose "Open in New Window", so that you can view the list while writing your post.