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Comments on news posted 2007-02-21 15:43:03: An Illinois homeowners advocacy group named the Healthy Home Alliance has long fought cell tower construction. ..

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I'm not going to live forever...

...so I may as well enjoy it while I'm here.



no risk?

"As we've noted, there's absolutely no scientific evidence that Wi-Fi signals are a health risk."

Long-term cellphone usage next to one's head is demonstrated to cause brain cancers. One of the wifi bands (2.4GHz) is the same band as used by cellphones. Should people be paranoid? No. Should people be UNCONCERNED? Well, of course not.

Don't say there is "no evidence", because there is evidence about damage from EM radiation at medium power or close range. People who don't want to live next to a high-powered "wifi base", with signals powered beyond the 4 Watts EIRP mandated for Part 15, are entirely justified to complain.

San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI

Re: no risk?

said by ecsd :

One of the wifi bands (2.4GHz) is the same band as used by cellphones.
The vast majority of cell phones use the 800mhz/850mhz/1900mhz bands. I am not aware of any provider in the states that has an active system using the 2.4GHz band. T-Mobile and other various carriers plan on using the 2100mhz band for 3g applications. But, that's about as close as there is.
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Scarborough, ON
ecsd, your post is just plain Bullshit!

A study in the current issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found no increased cancer risk from cell phone use over a 20 year period. This is an update of a Danish study in JNCI five years ago. The Danes keep good records. By just going to the computer they could compare cell phone use with the National Cancer Registry. I was invited to write an editorial in the same issue, JNCI, Vol 93, p.166 (Feb 7, 2001). I noted that cancer agents act by breaking chemical bonds, creating mutant strands of DNA. Microwave photons, however, aren't energetic enough to break a bond. Predictably, fear mongers said there must be an induction period. Still waiting. In 1993, a man whose wife died of brain cancer was a guest on Larry King Live. Her cancer, he said, was caused by a cell phone. The evidence? "She held it against her head and talked on it all the time."

Bob Park (Nobel Prize winning physicist) U Maryland


You do realize that those studies are in relation to Kilowatts? Anything below a kilowatt is generally considered low power.

And you do realize the single digit watt regulations are more for interference reduction purposes and not because of health concerns? If I'm not mistaken you can run your own radio station without a license if you don't cause interference to a licensed station and if you stay below around 10 watts. Hey 10 watts is not much more than single digit wattage.

And you do realize that ERP (effective radiated power, i for isotropic is just the antenna type you are comparing against) is relative? An antenna at 300ft is going to have a higher ERP than one at 10ft. That is why the FCC rules always stipulate ERP not actual wattage for interference minimization.


Waipahu, HI
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get a LYF

damn first pepo cries 'bout gettin cancer from cell fone, now their crying about wi-fi signal... what next? cordless phone?? "my cordless fone gave me a hard-on because of the radiation so i'm gonna sue the company" lolz damn sum pepo gotta get a LYF!!! LOLZ

Sewell, NJ

I'm calling my attorney!

Aren't these people liable for exposing me to radiation? They encouraged me to look at their website using a dangerous radiation spewing computer!

Pelosi, SHUT YOUR Fing Pie Hole
Saint Louis, MO

Spoken like true non experts and REAL knowitalls. NOT

I've been involved in radio in a previous life. I KNOW what the effects of being in a radio transmitter shack for hour on end while at high power. There is a reason the FCC requires a transmitter to be powered down to low level while men are on the tower. Why do you think Microwaves have a limit set on leakage? Because it IS bad.
I also know that you dont stand or hang in front of the studio to transmitter link dish for any length of time if you wish to have children of your own. Why do you think there are these rules and requirements?
And who the Fu%& in their right mind actually believes a government official. "Oh, an embassy official said so, it must be true" . When was the last time you trusted one? Only the ones who KNOW what the dangers are will tell you the truth. But nothing official cause of liabilities.

Ever once consider that peoples bodies and brains dont all operate exactly alike? Some people are sensitive to the sun. Some are deathly allergic to peanuts. Some sensitive to light. Some sensitive to chemicals more than others... why is it that if YOU cant FEEL it, it cant be true? Took the "experts" a LONG time to figure out asbestos was bad. Took a while to figure out X-Rays were bad. Took a while to figure out benzene was bad. Took a while to figure out the earth wasn't the center of the universe. Took a while to figure out CFCs were bad. HELLO BRANIACS...every time someone is cock sure that it's not the case...you're usually proved WRONG some time later. But since most of you cant remember what you had for breakfast yesterday...we conveniently forget we were on the RIGHT bandwagon...but the wagon wrecked. Course we never admit to being wrong....EVER!

I'm not saying it's dangerous or not...it probably IS but you wont EVER hear anybody admit it...
There are no long term studies...but I guarantee you this....in twenty years, once the real experts figure out it IS bad...some of you will be the first to jump on class action suits....

But it takes a MAJOR slap to get people to wake up.

Cracks me up....when one gov official says something...we call them liar immediately cause thats the party line...but other gov officials, we'll follow to our grave backing them up. SHEEP
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Coffee. . .Need Coffee

Oh joy!

"There is enough evidence that this is dangerous and hazardous to our health if people know where to look for it"

There is enough evidence that sex with virgins can cure AIDS too. . .if you know where to look for it. Not surprisingly, that one's been debunked.

So, been to The Angel Lady's web site but amazingly have been unable to find any listing of her credentials that would make her an expert in such matters. She lists her books and radio shows but an expert does not a morning talk show make. Let me guess: no accredited collge or technical degree related to electronics, electricity, physics, chemistry or anything remotely connected to the above.

Honestly, where do they find these people and why does anyone actually listen to their opinions on any subject matter they know nothing about?
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