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Comments on news posted 2007-09-24 17:10:17: Hong Kong telco City Telecom’s broadband unit Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) just launched a new suite of fiber-to-the-home services in Hong Kong. ..

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what service requires this speed?

can some one tell which provider other than google, potentially has a server with a 100 Mbps outbound connection to serve data? Can someone do the calculation on the speed difference between watching youtube video, loading CNN or checking email on a 100 mbps versus 10 mbps. I bet the difference is neglible.

i think these speed services will augment the usage for bittorrent traffic, but doesn't make a HUGE difference in day to day usage for a typical consumer. this may spur new high-bandwidth development but it'll take $$$ for the provider to develop and pay for that dedicated bandwidth from their carrier.



re physics guy

yo physics guy Physics

doesn't light travel in a zig zag in fibre optic cables? thus increasing dramatically the distance it has to travel?

Ca c est Paris


Just come to France...

3 French FAI (France Telecom, Free & Neuf Cegetel) are massivly investing in FTTH.

The first offer (starting this month) is:
29,99�‚�/month ($41) for :
* 100 Mbp/s reception, 50 Mbp/s emission
* free national & international (49 countries)phone calls
* 100 TV channels + HDTV

Only in some parts of Paris, for the moment; It will be extended to all Paris and main french cities next year.

I should have it by Christmas...



Not enough Speed?

Your all complaining about not being able to have a 100mb connection for 50$/month. Try living in Australia. You'll be lucky to get so called "Broadband". Our lack of "Population Density" really doesn't help at all.

On top of that we have pathetic traffic usage limitations. If you want a big download limit you generally get charged heavily for it.




These are Optimum Lightpath Business rates internet only

100 Mbps will only cost you $5,000 a month such a deal

Dedicated Internet Access
Mbps Monthly Recurring Charge
10 $1,600
20 $2,300
50 $3,000
100 $5,000
150 $7,000
300 $9,000
1000 $25,000




I get 5mbps for 18.95/month Canadian and I commit piracy at least 400 times a day! ...but 18.95 is pretty good for north america.