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Comments on news posted 2007-10-19 11:47:29: A few months ago, an astute user in our forums started noticing that Comcast (in addition to their invisible download limits) was using Sandvine traffic-shaping hardware, installed at the CMTSs, to limit the effectiveness of BitTorrent seeding. ..

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it's just more greed.

Why is it that they have to further degrade the service that they neglect to honor.
Paying year after year for a 7MB connection...or what ever the max non-Bus class service is in your area..and in most cases getting less than 1/2 of the contracted amount.
I know the plans say that "the advertised speed is not a guarantee of service" .... but how would they like it if my checks were not a guarantee of payment?
I guess my point would first be to get the network up to par and give the customer what they ACTUALLY pay for...and then worry about those that use the system beyond the norm?
How many refunds or credits are given out when THEY have an outage? They may have to pay the FCC a fine...but how about a refund to the customer?
This whole traffic shaping is nothing more than greed tactic to line their coffers.
Every packet they block puts money in their pockets.


Elkhart, IN


If it keeps my connection faster I am all for it.

I dont use Bit torrent.

Add another class then for the users who must have it..

150 a month!



Re: Good

This type of mindset is what is wrong with the world today.

It doesn't effect me, so let the big corporation do whatever they want. Screw everyone else, because I'm happy.

Meanwhile Comcast takes in all the money. Promises something that they cant provide. Blames it on Bit-torrent users. Secretely does something that they know will make them lose customers, while denying the whole thing.

But... It doesnt concern me, so go ahead and do it.

Anyone that sides with Comcast on this issue needs to wake up and look around a little. See anything wrong?



comcast are idiots

We complained about being dumped several times. After thethird time they said we would be charged if they came out again. It seems they knew what the problem was all along. The problem still exists if my son downloads. No problem unless the downloading occurs.

The last tech who came to our home said a supervisor would call. HA! Have not heard from them since and now we read it the local newspaper about the traffic control techniques they are using. What creeps!

The tech literally told my son that we did know what we were talking about. My son went to school for computers and he knew they had the problem on their side. Now we know it was intentional. Comcast is an arrogant company.