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Comments on news posted 2007-12-04 09:44:42: Under fire for inappropriate agency leaks and a war on the cable industry nobody can figure out, FCC boss Kevin Martin is now the focus of a Congressional investigation. ..

Naperville, IL
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Re: LOL - This is funny

He's a smart guy. Look at his creds. I thought WOW myself when I read the bio.

My views are my own.
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Re: Geesh

said by dogo88:

Not to get into the Telco vs Cable argument, but after 30 years of getting abused by cable month after month, you can't beat them enough, in my opinion.

"abuse of authority" he's not the first not the last.
Not to get into the Cable vs Telco argument, but after 30 years of getting abused by Telephone month after month, you can't beat them enough, in my opinion.

... couldn't have said it any better myself.

Torrance, CA

FCC Boss

I think that when the book gets written about Martin's downfall it will be attributed to that dopey picture of the dufus that Karl usually attaches to his articles about the FCC.

Atlanta, GA

Over the Top

I try to be reasonable in filtering through a lot of what I read. If I want to know something there are so many places to go on the net to get my facts straight. Free market or regulation...either way, a good honest debate with hard facts is always in the public interest. I think KM went just a bit over the top in his last "study" on the cable industry. It is pretty obvious that he rigged the numbers. When members of your own party are openly hostile...it draws a lot of attention from everyone. I think this is now the case. For those of you who live in NC...would you honestly vote for this guy to represent you ANYWHERE??? Get ready if you do...thats where he's gonna do it (with lots of teleco money no doubt)

Reading, PA

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reply to firewire9999

Re: LOL - This is funny

FINALLY, this is what needs to happen.

Kevin Marin needs to be removed from his position. He has done nothing but cause our cable rates to skyrocket.

Stupid cable card mandate. Tell me, what good did requiring separable security set tops do? It's not like you can go to best buy and purchase your own box. Now my DVR rental went up each month.

Want people to be able to purchase boxes? Look at Canada. They have SA and Moto boxes at Best Buy, and they are the regular variety. It works there...


Burlington, MA
reply to footballdude
I agree. It is about time that Congress do something about this loose canon.


Pittsburgh, PA

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You people are amazingly stupid.

Look at the top contributors to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrat leadership... top contributors include Comcast, Time Warner, Viacom all the companies who stand to lose should Martin succeed in ending the unethical and anti-competitive practice of forced bundling.

Pressure has been mounting recently to act on the Consumer and Family Choice Act that has been languishing since June, pressure resulting from Martin's actions, and this is Congress' response.

The investigation is nothing but SOP Democrat corruption, once again doing the bidding of the Hollywood and media elites who bankroll them and shill for them on their channels and another kick to consumers and families in their teeth again.

Shame on you all for being so easily duped by these thugs posing as public servants.


Cable lobbyists are desperate to keep their little scam intact and they'll do anything to stop Martin.