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Comments on news posted 2008-04-07 11:36:23: A debate is raging in the UK over ISPs' use of deep packet inspection hardware to watch consumer surfing habits and sell them targeted ads. ..

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reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: There is no Opt-Out.

The cookie that is set tells the NebuAd servers, which are at, that you "opted out". Even after you have "opted out", when you visit a site that gets modified by NebuAd (like a search engine) it still adds code to the page, connects to the off site ad-server, and then reads the cookie. So even though at that point it's not delivering 'targeted' ads anymore, it is still monitoring your traffic, modifying the web page and inserting code, and a horrible invasion of privacy. For sites where it's not inserting code, it still is passing your traffic through the NebuAd monitoring box. That is why I say there is no Opt Out.

If you clear your cookies, guess are 'opted' back in!

The lies that NebuAd has told about it not even seeing the IP address also need to stop. Of course they see that. Their box is placed at a location at the ISP where all traffic goes through it, and the IP addresses are easily seen. And since it inserts content which is hosted on their server off site, they can see which IP address is grabbing that content (just like any webserver can). And even if they did not track a person based on the IP address, the web bugs that get inserted by the nebuad script for 3rd party advertising "partners" of nebuad certainly do see your IP address and record it.

Nebuad is being deliberately misleading, and I trust that once this becomes a bigger thing out here in the US, it will blow up much like Phorm did in Europe, and make a lot of people who use ISPs who have partnered with Nebuad Very unhappy.

reply to CableDaddy3

Re: It isn't gonna change so do something about it

said by CableDaddy3:

If it's a big deal change DNS servers. Or use software like Tor to hide your location and browsing habits. The information they get from you would be useless and couldn't be targeted back to you because they couldn't trace you.
Tor is definitely a good idea, but the problem still exists that all of your traffic is going through the NebuAd box. Keep that in mind..while they say they do not look at any traffic other than port 80, it ALL goes through that box. Do you really want to trust a company who has execs who used to work for the Gator Advertising Information Network? In addition to all of the traffic passing through that box, any web forms that you fill out that are submitted would over port 80, which they do admit to monitoring. If any of those had personal information in them.... well you get the idea.