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Comments on news posted 2008-12-04 09:39:38: Confirming what many managers were privately worried about back in October, AT&T today announced that the telco will be eliminating 12,000 jobs, or about four percent of the telcom giant's work force. ..

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Chandler, AZ

Thank you Bush

Thank you Bush What OBL failed to do in his entire life you managed to do it in 8. A very nice Christmas gift to the children of the families that voted for you in 2004. The status of worst president ever is justified for you.

Littleton, CO


Best of luck to those affected. I've been laid off a few times; it is the nature of work in most technical fields - the market contracts and expands. It's never a good time.

Domino Dude, POWER Systems Guy
Hollywood, FL

Re: Bummer

said by jeep4fun:

Best of luck to those affected. I've been laid off a few times; it is the nature of work in most technical fields - the market contracts and expands. It's never a good time.
Thanks yes that's just what it is. I know my issue isn't a matter of performance, it's just business conditions. Heck it wasn't even a redundant position...just the area I was working in wasn't pulling in the numbers like we needed.

Is what it is.
TheGlobalMind.com / Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go? / Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason. - Ralph Waldo Emerson / Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity.

Cynthiana, KY

I am sitting between to boxes full of fiber and they tell me

I am sitting between to boxes full of fiber and they tell me I cannot get DSL even though I have it through a smaller company, well I do not feel sorry for them. ATT&T pull your head out and hear the plea of people trying to switch back and hook us up.

El Paso, TX

No severence or guarenteed job offer for me...

My group of temporary cable splicers just got the bad news yesterday and management said that we would get no severance pay at all. As far as a job offer goes they just offered us to put in a transfer to the uverse crew but there was no guarantee we would get a position let alone a position in town. Their press release was a bunch of bull. The union was no help they have been blowing smoke up our ass these past few months saying they would protect us and help us become permanent, but when it came down to the wire there was nothing they could do.

pizmo pete

Portland, CT

Another Truth Twist

At$t in 2007, built U-verse, without contractors, at a rate twice of 2008's contractor assisted work force. The company's new low wage/contractor/virtual management world is the only world that ATT is living in. Construction has held work for HDSL lines(cell towers/Small Business's/Professionals/)for months due to no capt. only money for U-verse contractors. We held construction of plant in new developments and projects till customers were moving in all-ready. State work delayed till people beg for work to get going.We're being run into the ground. We the workers awoke last Jan. 2008 to a new way to work, micro-emailmanagement: This god like system dictates all work to be done. Flash/ hot/ Priority? Not even important.The cheapest deployment of u-verse using clueless installers and the exclusion of all real TECHS from fixing or touching a u-verse home. Once a home becomes u-verse legacy TECHs cannot repair your home nor do they have equipment to do it. We still have to fix pots and DSL. But the EBOSS says not important for my numbers.
We could still sell u-verse by the truck load, as long as were the phone company not another cable company.
These layoffs are to send the experienced techs into these low pay u-verse positions. In this economy low pay is now better than no pay mentality becomes the new accepted mantra. The corporations are killing the middle class jobs. Their goals are to remove all the good paying work and give it to non labor contractors. These folks don't live in your state even the construction diggers not bid out of state. This is no long a company of any admiration today. LIES and GREED are the backbone of the corporate ATT. Customers are the new chumps waiting for a product never coming. We still don't have dsl to everyone yet. They do part of the state and stop. Wait for what? Government bailout? Deployment?



Re: Another Truth Twist

Dose anyone know if your declared surplus, if you can bump/transfer into a prem tech job?

pizmo pete

Portland, CT

Re: Another Truth Twist

I have been notified as being surplus. So as a 52 yr old I'll do I&R but never PREM SLAVE. I don't care how bad it is out thre I'll Quit first rather than be paid to run for the NEW CABLE COMPANY.



Re: Another Truth Twist

The Company did the surplus here in Cleveland by garage location ( Construction ) so we have guy's with 30+ yrs being surplussed with 9yr splicers at other garage locations not being surplused. In I&R they merged the ST's with CSS's for the surplus,So seniority rules. Now we asked the Union about bumping and they know nothing, this local is a joke and I think the District 4 national will fu*k this whole thing up with " effect bargaining "



Re: Another Truth Twist

Well, me spoke to soon, a memo came out at Friday's surplus meeting that bumping into I/R will be allowed, so sparks will start flying soon. It's amazing how some guy's want the CSS title and money and will even bring seniority into play when it benefits them, but wait until low-seniority CSS in repair scream bloody murder when this news gets out.



Re: Another Truth Twist

As a former Bellsouth employee, I sure do miss her. Almost everything we have done since the buyout has been going backwards. Most of the systems they use are 10 years behind what we were using.

Lees Summit, MO

Re: Another Truth Twist

As a former employee of the old AT&T, I sure do miss her as well. We had new systems which had steadily been added and updated through the years based partly on feedback from the workforce. I believe many of the SBC systems we're using now may be from the pre-divestiture (1984) era. And the newer systems, apparently designed with the intent of allowing management to maintain tighter control of the work flow, hinders workers more than they help. We're constantly having to juggle our way through a bunch of sales menus rather than being allowed to easily navigate around a customer's account.

In the old AT&T environment, there was at least some vertical communication which led to improvements in systems and procedures. With this SBC company, it's as if most everyone is afraid to speak up and request improvements, or they've just resigned themselves to the fact that any such effort would be fruitless. The company culture is this way because the SBC management mindset never transitioned from the old ways of a regional monopoly, which doesn't need to care about making processes work better or more efficiently. We're talking about an organization with policies which cultivate the practice of transferring any customers laden with a slightly more complex problem through an endless maze of various Interactive Voice Response systems and offices. You see, as an existing customer with SBC (I can't even bear to call it AT&T), unless you represent a potential sale of some kind, then you're a burden on the phone, unworthy of anything but to be swept aside. It's unfortunate, but this one is not a truth twist.