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Comments on news posted 2008-12-10 08:48:41: "We expect that LTE will actually be in service somewhere here in the U.S. probably this time next year," Verizon CTO Dick Lynch declared this week. ..


Brooklyn, NY

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In other wireless news..

802.11n sees continued deployment of WIDE OPEN LINKSYS routers... making ssid: linksys the world's largest ISP outpacing Verizon & AT&T's paid services for 6 years in a row..


New Bedford, MA

great news

for people looking for those faster speeds, but one has to assume it is going to cost an arm and a leg.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pfft, Verizon...

Lmao, highspeed LTE on Verizon Wireless... They'll probably still be so restrictive that all you can do is visit their "approved" sites and check your email faster.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you know what you're doing.

Tavistock NJ

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Wimax rollout pushing LTE to rollout sooner ??

I guess they see Wimax rolling out and don't want to give them too big a head start.


Could care less

I don't have a smart phone. In fact, I'm still on 1x, what does it matter? I use my phone as a phone, nothing more. LTE can take as long as it takes to be implemented, I am in no rush.


New Bedford, MA
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Re: Wimax rollout pushing LTE to rollout sooner ??

According to this dude LTE and Wimax are complimentary technologies....

Motorola has started testing a LTE deployment in the USA with Verizon Wireless, according to Ray Owen, general director of Motorola Vietnam and Motorola's head of technology, Asia. He added that the company is also testing with other network operators worldwide.

Speaking to the Taiwan based publication, DigiTimes he said that the company expects commercial products to start hitting the market next year.

He also insisted that LTE and WiMAX are complimentary technologies - not competitors as the core technology underpinning both platforms is broadly similar.
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West Tenness

As long as they have 5 GB monthly caps

what's the point?

Avon, OH
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: Could care less

then lte is not for you. You don't have a need for the technology but for the people that use the internet on their phones this enhancement is a good thing.

Now if they upped the quality of your voice quality on the verizon network theoretically i bet you could be happy too. (spare me the technicals this is just a simple comparison).

there is a market for mobile voice and mobile data services. I am happy to see the mobile data network become more robust.



I believe LTE will make traction starting mid 2010

Karl: Everyone keeps saying LTE will be "years," off as in 5,6.7 years....

But in reality, we may see decent buildout into 2010 with obvious buildout initiative by next year as the article claims. Handsets manufacturers may also take a while to offer multitudes of phones with the technlogy, but some, like LG are ready to go and Qualcomm seems committed to ease the transition too.

We probably won't see mass adoption of the service for a few years, but that's not to say the technology won't be ready and or available for consumer use.

LTE is not only going to be for "phones," either so I expect other hardware manufacturers to make some noise come next year.

Brooklyn, NY

Everytime I read about "LTE" all that comes to mind..

.. is Liquid Tension Experiment (link to Wikipedia entry). I sure hope Verizon can deploy them throughout the US. Think about the speed!

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jeva6nuz ··· a6nuzElA

Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
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Re: As long as they have 5 GB monthly caps

BF69 how much do you know about the caps??? Apparently not much. The 5GB caps are on Modem cards and not Phones. I am free to use my Blackberry Storm to well over 5GB. This has been proven over and over. If you read the Terms and Condition on a smart phone it says nothing to the effect of a 5GB cap. Go to the Modem or tethering page and it does refer to a cap. Besides if I want to download a large file my home pc is for that. I have you favorite Cable Company Charter 16MB service.