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Comments on news posted 2008-12-19 09:10:17: The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that the RIAA will be abandoning their strategy of filing mass lawsuits against P2P users, a plan that has targeted some 35,000 people since 2003. ..

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Jason Levine

Answers to your questions from the RIAA

If you'll excuse me for a moment, I'm going to channel the RIAA and answer the questions that the article asked.


Can unreliable RIAA DMCA violation data can be trusted?

Of course. We only hire the best in unaccountable shadow companies. When we accuse someone of copyright infringement, they are guilty of copyright infringement because we've accused them of copyright infringement.

How do users defend themselves?

Easy. Just pay us money and they won't need to defend themselves. In other words: "That's a nice house you have there. It'd be a shame if *someone* sued you into bankruptcy and you had to give it up."

Impact on small carriers?

The small carriers will survive. And by survive, we mean be gobbled up by the large carriers when they go out of business thanks to us driving up the costs of doing business just to prop up our failing business model.

Who keeps track?

This is still in the planning stages. One option is for us to track it. All the ISPs need to do is give us access to the personal information of all users as we demand it. That's not so much to ask, is it?

Does the punishment fit the crime?

Remember when Jack Valenti compared copying a movie on VHS to Jack the Ripper? Well, copying a song via P2P is the equivalent of bombing Pearl Harbor. If we could send Internet pirates to gitmo, we would. (That deal fell through.)

Aren't there more creative solutions?

Us? Creative? *muffled sounds of tons of RIAA executives laughing hysterically* We'll (*giggle*) look into that.

Who Pays?

There's an easy way to see who will pay for this. First, find yourself a mirror. Next, look into it. That's who will pay.

I hope this has cleared things up.


Note to self: Too much channeling of RIAA thinking can be damaging to your moral compass.
-Jason Levine
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I download

Hey I download.

Downloaded every episode of stargate atlantis/SG1, but I also went out and bought every season upto date.

Hey if I download a movie and I like it, I go out and buy it. The movies I dont like I never end up watching the full movie.

Music dont make me laugh, seriously what music out there is good? I listen stuff on the radio and all the new stuff comming out is all crap.

So.... Whats gonna happen if this blacklist happens. I go to a myspace page and end up getting nailed for a playlist flash plugin. Thats of course if I was in the states.

Currently at count I have somewhere between 325 and 350 movies all payed for and bought. If these azzhats start snooping my connection, or any family or friend over gets kicked off their ISP because of this black list crap. I will never spend money on media again.

Have these guys ever heard of spoofed ips or leased ip's? This black list is going to turn ugly real quick. If I ever get one of these letters im going tto turn around and sue who ever sent it for invastion of privacy. I dont care if I have to morgage my house to do it. If I win then they will be brought up on criminal charges

Ann Arbor, MI


So let me get this straight -- It's 1984, and your friend comes over with, unbeknownst to you, a stolen boom box. Is an effective remedy to the problem of stolen boomboxes the cutting off of electricity to your house? And making it so you can't switch to another electricity provider? (if such an option were to exist).

These *AA organizations are not doing anyone a favor - they are doing a disservice to the artists and the creative talent they supposedly represent. Unless, of course, that creative talent is involved in the making of advertisements.

Let's advertise, advertise, advertise -- put it on sale, on sale, on sale. Let's lower the interest rates. Buy! Buy! Buy!.

And you wonder why everyone has mountains of credit card debt, and how the bottom of our "manufactured" free market system falls out so easily.

We don't buy stuff we NEED, we buy stuff we DON'T need. Then we don't have money to buy the stuff we need. Meanwhile, our not-so-creative talent just keeps pumping out the ads and the ISPs now want to be TV providers (advertising providers), and we're STILL trying to "get this economy moving".

You get the economy moving in a healty direction long-term by looking at what you NEED. And then, those businesses that provide us with what we NEED (e.g. Netflix) will prosper. Piracy filters! 75% off! Buy 'em while they're hot! Bonus special gift: no lawsuits!

We don't NEED piracy filters. We need more companies like Netflix.
Mary Esther, FL

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Re: electricity

if im going to buy something, how about giving me the flac or .wav copy. not some copy protected crap sounding .wma file. you folks need to wake up, seriously or, our rights on the 'net will be sliced and diced before you can say "made in china is right for me.. i like being unemployed!"

guilty until proven innocent.. that's the new order, folks.

welcome to the new amerika, folks. seig heil to bush and his Illuminati masters. (they do exist)

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They dont know what they are up against

Heres the thing. There are so many ways that pirates can keep their internet provider out of the mix of downloading torrents or music files now that its really not gonna be effective.

#1 example. Seed boxes. Google it. This is basically a server with a torrent client loaded onto it that I can load torrent files into and download directly to that server. Scared of the server owner getting raided? Get a server in a non copyright compliant country simple. These can be had for as little as 7.50 a month for throttled bandwidth and limited hard disk space to 60.00 for unthrottled bandwidth and unlimited disk space.

These seed boxes allow unbelivable speeds. You think your 350kbs a second down and 30 up was fast? Try 10mb to 20mb a second down and 2mb to 5mb up speeds. Your talking multiple torrents at max speed possible with no isp involved. Hell use a prepay debit card (green dot) with false information and keep your name and address out of the deal. Then just download all these files ftp to your computer and no ones the wiser? Then you gotta worry about your ip address being on the server right? No not really. Have any idea how easy it is to steal broadband service with these black cat hacked modems? Even to unthrottle them and uncap your service and not get caught?

So my point the RIAA and MPAA are going after people that are getting 2 or 3 songs off some crap torrent sites that arent private and suing them. Yet they have no way of catching the people that are doing the most massive trading if those people have any intelligence in how to not get caught. Me personally I do not download any music off torrent sites or file sharing ones. Google mp3 search engine. Thats a new one I wanna see the RIAA take on. Try beemp3.com for example. They really got no idea what they are against if they think that telling isps to not connect to trading sites can stop it. You never have to connect to one to even trade ffs.


Rosedale, WV

These are the same jerks that STOLE Shareaza

These are the same groups of people that STOLE the trademark
of Shareaza.
The REAL Shareaza LIVES.

Read about RIAA/iMesh/Discordia HOSTEL takeover

»www.pantheraproject.net/forum/vi ··· php?f=46
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Salt Lake City, UT

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Not worried, no ISP required, all the free mp3s I could want

Someone mentioned alternatives so I thought I would share mine. I simply record songs in high bitrate mp3 format from the digital signal that radio stations are broadcasting over-the-air now : HD Radio to be exact. Its all automatic so I can record every single song a station plays through the entire day or week if I want. Each song is saved individually with its artist and title info intact, since the HD Radio stations broadcast this data along with the song. I have found that it has actually extended my interest into music I would have overlooked otherwise. I have hundreds of thousands of songs in my collection now thanks to this system.

But the important aspects are that it is completely legal to do this, just as it is quite legal to record FM radio with a cassette recorder or mp3 player, the recording quality puts anything you can buy online from outlets like iTunes to shame, and its all DRM free.