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Re: DSL installation explained from start to finish

When it comes to DSL, at first I was really upset, My telco is my ISP and I got it dec 31 1999 and the first week it wouldn't even work, They did there normal check list OVER and OVER check your settings each time they would change one thing, They had me even reinstall windows and it still didn't work. Over the week they said they would call me back in 24 hours and it ends up 75% of the time I had to call them cause they didn't even bother to call me back as they promised, After a week I had gotten tired of them lying and told them I would cancel the order go to someone else who would give me service I paid for and not tell me lies and take a week just to get up and running, I said I give you 24 hours to have it up or I call pco (product control operations) on them. They finally said I was put in the router wrong and they were so sorry, I explained I was not going to pay for my first month of dsl as I couldn't even log in on my free dial up they provide, The whole time they said oh we can log on here so its your computer crap they finally admitted to being in the wrong and gave my 1st month free. Several months later I find out the dsl modem (efficient networks speedstream 3060 PPPaA) i got with my service has many problems with conflicts with SoundBlaster sound cards, so I made them give me an external modem (Westell wirespeed PPPoE) that finally rocks with no problems with install, They were fast on bring the new modem (24 h) they swapped modems said it would be at the most 24 hours for them to reprovision my account from PPPoA to PPPoE and this time they were on the money,

Im sure they have a nice LONG record of my 1000 calls of complaints to them so they rushed it hehe