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Quick update from

Hey Guys -

A lot of folks have been seeing my posts here and writing to me with some great questions - so I thought I'd post some common answers, and then some "news" from SPKZ.

First off, I went down to GameSpy last week and we installed the first of our new series of FilePlanet servers. This first box is at our SoCal (Santa Ana) POP and should server the Southwest part of our fine nation well. We made room in the racks for the private game servers so I should be going back down there soon to drop in 3 boxes, running all the usual suspects. I've been playing lots of instagib lately.... so...

Our plan from here out is to install a FilePlanet box in each POP, when we install the game servers. As you would imagine, this would give anyone with our DSL priority on the downloads from the box since they would be accessing it via a closer port, and going over ethernet from the RedBack, as opposed to someone going over Internet. At the rate that the CS boys are realeasing updates I think this will make our gamers very happy. The next POP to get smothered with GameSpy and SPKZ love is our "SF" POP, which is actually in Concord, CA... but since we are ignorant Northwestern monkeys we refer to it as the "SF" POP. Woot!
Stay tuned for more POP announcements... a couple more are just about ready to rock...

We have teamed up with major Quake clan Team Abuse. We are their exclusive sponsor and have built them a gaming studio in Portland, OR. It's a studio apartment with an SDSL line, that they use for practice as though they were at a LAN tourney. The first event we are sending them to is the cpl's Frag4... It's in Dallas and Team Abuse will win. Read a good article at:

On top of winning competitions and pimping Speakeasy, the Abuse team is going to start working on some stuff for me. They are all IT profesionals and are all very excited about what we can do inside of our national DSL network to make cross-country gaming and community really work. Check out Team Abuse's site @:

All of the interleaving stuff is true, we don't do that anymore. Kudos to one of our tech's (Tim H.) who drove that effort forward with Covad. While we originally created the gaming SDSL packages to offer an alternative to interleaved RADSL... we are going to keep them alive given their popularity. A TON of clans and server admins have ordered our BAM (badassmofo) lines and are doing some cool poop with them... my personal favorite right now is Cain's site @

So that's a quick update. I hope you found it worth reading and not too cheesy, I do work @ Speakeasy so of course I'm biased and all that... but it's all true and I welcome your questions/concerns/thoughts... and as always naked pictures of Nancy Reagan.


Edward "TheMollusk" Bender
Speakeasy Gaming Guy


Concord, CA
Hey Mollusk, Matt here =P

w00t the POP is in Concord!!! exactly where I live

Thanks for the info bro, I'll be sure to get you those naked pictures of Nancy Regan (ooh baby)

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W00+ w00+!!!!!!!!11

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sc4r3d j00! jo3king, 1 w4s j03king ll4m4!!!!!1

pr3p4r3 t0 b3 c0mpr4mis3d bY t3h m0llu5k!!!

God dammit I love leetspeak.



Concord, CA
sup /\/Molluskllusk,

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reply to Anon
hi Ed, I live in denton which is 40 miles north of dallas. I was confirmed and contacted to get the sdsl package but when i asked bout interleaving the sales associate had no idea. I told him i would think on it and let speakeasy know. Do you know anything regarding dallas's POP in the sense of pings and stability. Right now im with and fairly satisfied. But a lower ping would surely be welcomed. I looked into earthlink as well but all this interleaving talk has frightened me

btw, heres my trace to using gte....think speakeast would be better?

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 55 ms 41 ms 41 ms []
2 55 ms 28 ms 41 ms []
3 83 ms 41 ms 28 ms []
4 82 ms 96 ms 69 ms []
5 82 ms 83 ms 82 ms []
6 96 ms 83 ms 82 ms []
7 96 ms 96 ms 83 ms []
8 110 ms 82 ms 96 ms []
9 82 ms 83 ms 96 ms []
10 124 ms 165 ms 384 ms []
11 97 ms 96 ms 82 ms []
12 109 ms 83 ms 96 ms [
13 398 ms 165 ms 82 ms []
14 110 ms 110 ms 123 ms []
15 82 ms 96 ms 110 ms []
16 96 ms 96 ms 110 ms []