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Re: Need a new avatar

A little behind the scenes action: yes it was initially approved - as viewed in one browser. When viewed in the predominant browser (IE), it was found to flash at a higher rate. One that, as marcelle19 See Profile noted, has been known to actually induce epileptic siezures - and yes, we do have some members (at least one that I know of personally) who could be affected by such a thing. And probably be at least slightly offended by the choice of wording of that avatar also, quite frankly. The 'danger' range of rate of flash is from 2 to 55 cycles/second, if you're curious. And flashing is distinct from just movement - my stars move around, that avatar flashed.

As a final note, we all appreciate the way you dealt with this and your acceptance of the request to change avatars yet again.
Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Barry LePatner