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Re: Network Storage Link

How robust does it really need to be to transfer at most 100Mbps?

System Lord
said by ThisGuy2:
How robust does it really need to be to transfer at most 100Mbps?

speed is irrelevant here. you can be doing slow write/read, but if FS is no good, you'll get erratic performance or worst, errors. Ever use Fat16/Fat32? robust such that it has transaction journals so problems such as disconnection or power issue does not affect the last read/write. that robust.


And where do these filesystems struggle??? When they are trying to go fast, so even if the file system isn't that great, at that speed it most likely wouldn't be noticed...


I ordered the NSLU2 (Linksys Network storage Link) also.

My big question is, what kind of performance does it have, especially if there are about 5-6 people in an office that may be accessing files at the same time.

I will have to do some testing and find out if I can crash the sucker!



Portland, OR
reply to ThisGuy2
I am using an Linksys EtherFast Instant GigaDrive (EFG80)network attached storage at work, and it's speed is, oh... sucky. It cannot transfer over about 50M without amazing slowdowns and stops in the transfer. It can take 5 or 10 minutes to transfer 125M to it from a windows box. I think this thing is a POS, and would never recommend it to anyone.


I can crash anything that has been put in my hands that I have tested. I was thinking this would be good but now I am starting to think not because of reformating it, I got the thing pretty well loaded as it is , I dont have any space on the pc to store all of that. i have a 120gig hd with data it is filled with even da couple dvds that I own are on it because I watch them frequently and is to lazy to swap and shit easyer to to point to another folder. Even with the dvds deleted still to much data left.

Ps. I was willing to buy it out and try it until they wanted me to reformat "MY shit" to some other format just because.