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The FSF Approves the Sveasoft Subscription Model

The Free Software Foundation has reviewed the Sveasoft subscription model and concluded that it fully complies with the GPL license stipulations.

Read the official response of the FSF in the Sveasoft FAQ at »www.sveasoft.com/modules/phpBB2/···p?t=2823 .

There has been some controversey surrounding the subscription model and whether or not it complies with the GPL license stipulations. We hope this lays to rest any lingering doubts about this issue.


Frisco, TX

Good for you James. I am happy for you.

A couple of observations:

1. Some would argue that you are unfairly deriving monetary benefit from the work of many.

It takes a significant amount of effort to pull together the work of so many. Perhaps this is primarily the effort for which you are compensated.
2. It is my (mis?)understanding that the upcoming Satori 4 release will be public. I feel slightly perturbed that I have endured all of the bugs of the Satori 3.x releases as a contributor, only to have the final polished product given away.

Pehaps I am wrong about this. It seems counterproductive. Could this motivate people to *not* subscribe, give feedback, etc... and just wait for the public releases?
Anyhow, I am happy that I've had access to this work-in-progress. I feel that my $20 stands in for all of the code I couldn't contribute.

Thanks for your effort.

The visionary is always right.



When Satori-4.0 is released publicly you will already (hopefully) have moved to the new Alchemy-pre5.0 pre-release with a host of features not available in Satori including multi-level QoS, extremely sophisticated packet filtering, and a hotspot captive portal to name just a few.

Don't worry - we will make sure that yearly $20 subscription fee was money well spent

Merrimack, NH

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No one ever said that just because it was open-source it should be free. Just look at RedHat and SuSE. I have no problems with your policies Sveasoft6 See Profile and I credit you for creating something that everyone seems to rave about. Congratulations on your success.

Although I personally haven't paid for your firmware (the Linksys stuff works well for me for now) I think you are doing some great things from what I have read others post about and perhaps I will try it when you release Satori-4 and if I like its features then I will pay you the $20.



I just recently became a subscriber/supporter of James project work. It is clear that he provides more than just software...he provides timely advice and problem resolution.

This clearly has value to the users/visitors of his web site and the software he provides on that site. I regard the software is no-cost...the consulting is a bargain at $20 per year.