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Orange City, FL

[ Brighthouse] cfl.rr.com

Just a question to all Central Florida / Orlando Road Runner customers: Are any of you currently experiencing dropped packets, stable modem sync but non-responsive network access, and fluctuating ping times and transfer rates?

I live in Orange City (32763), which is adjacent to Deltona and DeLand. Two other people I know within two square miles of my house have also been having problems. One is not very computer literate, so I could only confirm that she was having connectivity problems. The other person I know is a seasoned admin, and I was able to confirm that like me, he is not only having connectivity problems, but latency and transfer rate problems as well.

I've made numerous calls to Bright House, and have made several appointments. One tech was so late that my wife had to meet him and I had to go to work before he arrived. He ended up telling my wife that our router could be the problem, and replaced a splitter and the tap. Needless to say, I had already ruled out the router by taking my primary computer and hooking the modem up to that for a while, with the same results.

I made another appointment. The day of the appointment I received a call, asking if I still needed a tech. I told him I didn't know, due to the sporadic nature of the problem (which I now have found is at its worst between 7pm and 12am), so I cancelled the appointment. Later that night, deja vu.

I made another appointment, which apparently fell to the hands of a contractor, who never bothered to show or call.

Finally, I received a "We missed you" door note, for an appointment today that never made.

I've come to the conclusion that something is definitely wrong in this area. Downstream bandwidth transfer rates fluctuate between 500kbps to 2800kbps. Ping times to gaming servers located ON THE RR BACKBONE just a couple hops away are pinging around 200 ms. After performing a line test, I found that of 60 packets, my local segment dropped 6 pings.

It seems to me that when they upgraded us to the 3mpbs downstream service, the network for this area was not up to the task. However, phone reps have not a clue, and according to Bright House, everything is fine.

Anyone else in my area having problems?


Orlando, FL
I live in Orlando and I was having lot's of problems yesterday cable modem was going crazy i had to call tech support to sync my modem and then like 3 hours more boom no internet called again and they said brighthouse was having problems But it's ok now


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I am in DeLand on the Orange City side. I just moved to the area about 3 weeks ago from MI and besides the modem going down during the first week a few times, I have not experienced anything like you are experiencing.
Hope your problem gets cleared up soon.

The Coyote

Boca Raton, FL
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The technicians can only check your signal levels and see if they are fine. Other then that, they can't do anything but forward the problem to the maintenance group.

If you are still experiencing problems or for future problem with speeds, pings, packet loss, etc. If tech support can't help you out, Send some speeds tests and tracerts to cfl.speed@mybrighthouse.com and let them take a look at it.


Casselberry, FL
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Port Orange, FL
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Having problems here too with cfl.rr, Ponce Inlet (32127), just started about 3-4days ago. Random packet loss, Modem sync is stable until I upload anything, 3000kbps up, but anywhere from 5kbps to 364kbps down, can not seem to get a good speed test on up as soon as it starts to upload modem sync goes out. Had a tech out here three weeks ago for the same problem, there was a problem with a splitter, and was fixed, until 3-4days ago, changed out that splitter with a new one, and problem remains.

Other then calling for tech, have bypassed router, changed out cables, splitters, definitely seems to be something that is not on my side of the pole, and a few other cfl.rr people around me are experiencing same problems.

Onebase Linux

Deltona, FL
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I live in the Deltona area (node DL50) to be specific and have zero issues.


Orlando, FL

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I'm having the same problem. Any type of load reboots the modem. Does anyone know if I can go down the the Brighthouse office and swap the modem or do I have to call a tech in to do this. It's getting quite annoying.

Nevermind. Walked in to BHN office and swapped modem. Got the Terayon TJ615 and while I don't like the design atleast it's stable. The modem's internal webpage hasn't been disabled..yet.