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OK so boot me...but im on winxp pro sp1 blaa blaaa -- updated..

I running off a lynksys router wifi-G ..one machine via wirless (pci card-manually configed with other tehn default channel and mac cloned ) My system im running thru cat6 off router also....so router is firewallled ( thru router cofig )........ and wilreless isnt broadcasting its SYN or what ever it was callled....

I run a local LAN to share my findings and fixes to the other systems at home here .

Bu ti can never get into my system from those other machines here --- i can get into them bu tnever them to me --
Sorta a big mystery to me but oh well --IM SAFE -- (?) ..

PEO|PLE CHANGE YOURE "OUT OF BOX" default channels if running wireless routers at home ! set up any other channel on router as well as all machines running wireless--all same channel you choose-- this should BLOCK 98% of any neighbor or passer by from easily SCAMMING you're connection or you !! ... YOU WILL NOT notice any bandwith reduction if someone is on ur system if using a router---- who the hell said that ?? -- each machine will have EACH EQUAL bandwith ...so u will not notice --unless u are HOSTING net connection thru youre system to others in ur home --another story there-- ........
WOW i was starting this as a question ..but forgot what i want to ask now !! --- GET NET-SNIFFER "free somewhere out there-- detects wireless transmissions in neighborhood! -- c if you are broadcasting or not !!

OK hope that helped u cuz im lost ! -haaaaaaaaa

CRASH--------------out !! ;):D

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