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Bronx, NY
reply to freakout9903

Re: Dell Inspiron 8100 Laptop LCD problem

Oh yeah; the number for Dell Spare Parts is a bitch to find. Here it is for those who need it:


dial #1 I think for the extension option
the extension number is 69937.

Cho Baka
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said by Netbars:
Oh yeah; the number for Dell Spare Parts is a bitch to find. Here it is for those who need it:


dial #1 I think for the extension option
the extension number is 69937.

Thanks for that.

I added it to the Notebook faq, with a link to this thread.

Let me or BAyoung know if any clarifications are necessary.
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Mobile, AL

I wonder could someone please help me.

I have a notebook from Powernotebooks.com. It is the same as the Dell 5000. It is about 4 yrs old.

It has been a great laptop!!!

But I would say in the last 6 months the monitor began to just go garbly for a few seconds. It would go away and it was fine. Then like about a week ago (after I left the machine on all night to defragment) woke up and began to use my laptop. When I adjusted the screen ( as far as more open or more shut) for viewing, it began to actually turn on and off (the screen). Then even as I moved the screen it would not come back on.

I continuued to adjust, twist, open and close slightly, and even bump slightly. This didn't work. As I was opening and closing the lid slightly, I noticed I could see the icons on the desktop ( it was very dim). But then as I was fiddling with the lid, I could see the dimmed out desktop then begin to garble. Kind of like a fuzzy tv picture.

I then plugged it into an old external monitor that I had. The laptop works beautifully, just not the lcd.

After much surfing the net, I found jklamps.com and there distributor digikey. I found out what kind of bulb($12.00) the inspiron 5000 takes in the Hitachi LCD. I ordered it. I also found the inverter for the Dell Inspiron 5000 on ebay ($15.00).

Got them both in, and nothing??????????

How should I troublshoot this?????

I guess I need to find some way to test the inverter and the bulb???????] Any ideas??

Then what else could it be?????? (since it does put a great pic on an external monitor, does that eliminate the video card as a possible problem? )

The connections? Could that be a problem??

I deeply appreciate any comment to my situation.


Norwalk, CT

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That sounds like either the LCD Display's interconnect cable wiring is broken, or the cable's connector has come loose from it's socket on the Motherboard...

The only way to be sure, is to open up the Laptop's case itself... But unless you know EXACTLY HOW to do it, you may break off one or more of the case's internal plastic tabs that secure the case halves together...

I'd suggest finding a Repair Shop that can service your Laptop, and taking it there for a Repair Estimate...

If that is not an option, then you're pretty much on your own...

If you DO decide to open it up yourself, Be EXTREMELY careful... Laptops can be a real BEAR to open... Don't just force the case halves open, and be sure to look for any Hidden screws (Underneath the bottom feet, in the Battery compartment, under any other removable covers on the bottom, under the Labels, etc.)... Also look to see if the Keyboard has Locking tabs near the bottom that will allow you to lift up the Keyboard to access any screws underneath. There usually are also places on the sides of the laptop where you will have to Push the plastic frame inward, in order to disengage any hidden Locking Tabs.

Either that, or just use an External Monitor from now on.

Good Luck,

If You're Unsure, "RTFM"... If You're SURE, "RTFM" Anyway.