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Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to maynard001

Re: Speakeasy VOIP?

That's interesting that SE may not use Covad's solution.
Do you have the beta service? Can you talk about it (no NDA)? If so, did you get a TA for your phone or is the signal provided from your CO?
I think it's kinda cool if SE goes with a different solution than Covad as that just gives me more choices. If I can get SE VOIP for a bundled discount with a TA, cool. If I prefer Covad's solution and can use it regardless of my DSL provider - cool
I'm anxious to learn more.

Biggest thing, of course, will be cost. Our monthly phone bill averages about $50/month for two lines, LD, taxes, etc.
I'll likely want to keep one, very basic, POTS line until I'm satisified VOIP will make a complete replacement.
That basic line costs about $15/month. That means the VOIP line will have to be $35/month - max - to make it worthwhile.
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