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reply to The Beer

Re: Pizza Orders Via Relay

said by The Beer:
You missed my point... Go ahead

I am all for getting another order... Go Ahead
I'm all for accommodating needs... Go Ahead

What I am not for is being a tad ignorant... Go Ahead
For example asking what the specials are THEN saying they have a coupon for less. Why not just order the coupon item. Go Ahead

Expecting us to read the entire menu. go ahead

Forcing unneeded information on us, we and 99% of every delivery pizza shop knows everyone's address just from your phone number, if you tip we know all about the big green bushes in front of your house, and the chevy in the driveway. just let us ask if it has changed. go ahead

Please, Please, PLEASE do not call at 5:30 on a Friday, A "Voice" order can be done in topically less than a minute, a tty order is always 20+. go ahead

Try online, Fax, or just call before 5, be somewhat "accommodating" to the pizza joint.

I understand your frustration, while working in call center for a major ISP in Canada, these calls were always at least 30 mins. 90% of the time, their TTY machine was not even close to the computer, so they were using paper writing my commands and reading me their screen. My personal record was 1h15 for something simple as typing: PING www.google.com.
Jesus saves, but only Buddha makes incremental backups.


I've been both a relay operator and a Pizza Hut worker before. And I know when you work at a pizza place they go by the "if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean" philosophy... so if the call takes you 20 minutes, what the hell do you care?? It's 20 minutes that you're not having to mop the floor or do whatever menial job it is that you do that makes you so bitter with life.

As for relay, only a moron couldn't understand how to use that. And if you'd be patient and realize that the Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars do NOT, in fact, revolve around you, maybe you'd get it.

God help you if you ever become disabled. I hope no one takes pity on you.