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The Kapil

Chicago, IL

Billing Issues?

I got an invoice for 2 installation kits yesterday. Never mind the fact that I was installed several months ago and used my own equipment. When I called to question the charges, the guy on the phone alluded to some sort of a bug with SE's billing system that has to do with CPE charges. Anyone else see something similar on their Speakeasy bill?
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Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS

Not similar along what you were billed for, but I was billed for a tech visit that occurred three months ago. I complained because the visit was only supposed to be billable if the problem was with my inside wiring - which it was not, so I shouldn't have been billed.
I put in a ticket about it and the next-day response was 'the billing was in error, it's been credited, sorry about the that'
Resolved to my satisfaction.
As someone who has to bill multiple people, at times, for various projects, I don't have a problem with occasional clitches - as long as they're fixed when discovered (but is a good reason to ALWAYS READ YOUR BILLS).
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