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reply to ricep5

Re: Follow the money

said by ricep5:

Everyone likes to complain about the charges, has anyone actually looked at SBC's or BellSouth financials and look for where the money goes? These are publicly held companies and they have to break out their financials just like all the other public companies.

Instead of whining about the collection, why doesn't someone actually go look at their revenue statements and payables and see if some of them are truly "pass-through" or just pure mark up. Caller ID unit cost is 1c per. Good start. What about the rest?

LOL! You aren't likely to find them. The Bells are masters of obscurity and obfuscation... just read one of their public tariffs -- something designed to make the process transparent.

Aside from the unscrupulousness of the bells though, I think the FCC must take most of the blame for letting this go on under the guise of a federal tax. Unfortunately, the misrepresentation is just subtle enough not to make regulators care enought to fight the Bells. After all, the Bells simply pay their multitude of lawyers with these fees.
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