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Feel Secure
La Vergne, TN

Sometimes I wonder. . .

Do the telcos really expect to tack on a fee like this and make it last forever? Or do they just hope it lasts long enough to make a few billion $$$ before we get pissed and make them remove it; only to run the same scam a few years later? Will we ever be rid of this crap?

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
Marketers and bean counters will work their magic.

What is a 'fee' now will most likely absorbed into the cost - with fee increases, then there will be 'new' fees and the cycle will start over.

Think of consumer goods like peanut butter...
the container gets bigger with a bonus amount (for a while). Eventually the bonus amount is standard (and not free anymore), and the smaller item is removed from shelving so that the consumer forgets about the smaller cheaper item for a while, and prices slowly rise. Eventually, a small container makes its comeback (in different shape though), as the large container is now too expensive for many tastes. The small container is more expensive than it was, and more expensive/size that the large container, but there is a shift back. This happens over and over and over.


Montebello, CA
reply to raydog1
The truth is that 99.9% of people won't do a damn thing about these fees and charges. Oooohwelll, long live corporate greed.