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Fort Worth, TX
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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

yes, i cant turn my ipod mini on and im not sure if its broke..if it is can it be replaced for free or fixed for free???

reply to JoshNJ
Thanks to JoshNJ, my ipod finally works again. I wasn't going to bed until i fixed that stupid thing! Thanks Josh

reply to bloopt
THAAAAANK YOU!! i tried the other reset methods over and over and over and yours worked just before i threw it against the wall...:D

dan fan
reply to druvak
Dan Given thank you so much for your advice ... I was disturbed by the support I got from an iPod technician who said my warranty expired 120 days ago and I should just purchase another iPod but following your advice to toggle the hold and then hold menu and select button for 10 seconds really worked... God Bless superstar thanks a bundle

For those of you, like me, that the reset hasn't worked for - try ebay. I've just bought a new battery for my mini for £3.99.

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Ipod 3rd GEN Won't Charge

PROBLEM: I just bought a new battery on ebay to replace a dead one that wouldn't hold a charge. I put it in and the iPod worked for a few hours and then went blank. Now all I get is the battery/exclamation point icon when I try to reset the iPod. I read somewhere that the 3G iPod won't charge over USB, so I'm plugged into a wall charger from my wife's iPod mini, but getting no charge. Is there a separate wall charger for the 3G iPod? Also, I'm not sure if I'm getting the thing to reset or not. . .when I push and hold the menu/select buttons I see the battery/exclamation icon and then it disappears like it's out of juice. It's almost like it's turning itself off before it has a chance to reset. Any suggestions?

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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

Thanks a lot for that tip, it was exactly the one I was looking for!

reply to Need BB
Hey druvak, thanks so much! I was having the same problem and your suggestion fixed it.

Thanks again,

reply to Need BB
my iPod won't charge. I changed the battery but still same problem. It works fine on a ipod dock (with charging cradle) but take it off and it dies almost instantly. When it is on the charging cradle it shows the battery charging indicator. It is a 60gb Video 5G model. Help - I'm going crazy!!!

reply to Need BB
3 years later and the tips are still handy. Thanx for saving my Ipod Mini. I thought it had died forever til i found this page... cheers

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I can't believe you lot don't RTFM or even look at Apples site

reply to Need BB
wow i thought my ipod was finished till i found this thread. thank you for the helpful advice i have tunes in my car again.

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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge/i need a mini ipod charger

were could u find a mini ipod charger i lost mine please someone

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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

so my ipod charges, but when its not even plugged into a charger, it says its fully charged with the little battery with the lightning bolt. and when i turn it off the screen comes up with the "charged" && the charged battery icon. i dont know whats wrong with it!

reply to Need BB
God damn it. I thought my iPod mini was a goner and haven't used it for 2 years but found it when I was clearing stuff out yesterday and plugged it in to the USB just for fun. Hallelujah it worked but the battery was really bad so I bought a new one. Praise the lord it worked again. For like. 15 minutes. And now it's totally dead and nothing that's been written in this thread works. Damn it.

reply to Need BB
I reseted mine and I still can't charge my iPod, I have to hold play down while it charges and if I let go, it disconnects. It's really frustrating, this is the 3rd iPod that does this!

reply to Need BB
i had the same problem. my ipod was dead for a long time and every time i plugged it in it would just be blank. after a while i decided to plug it back in giving it one more chance before i threw it away. i plugged it in and waiting a few minutes and it started up. give it some time to get a little charge and then it should come up.


united kingd
reply to Need BB
I must say: I am really really disapointed by all the mac stuff... I had EXACTLY the same problems, was not able to charge it, there was just this annoying symbol for some time and the tech support wasn't able to help me. Fortunately I was able to bing it back to the shop and got my money back... Never again guys...

reply to Need BB
Lets See My ipod wont charge for more than 10 seconds. Tried every ones tips nothing works. IF i charge it it will turn on charge for 10 seconds then say the battery is full. I have reset it 100 times. The lighning bolt in the top right corner says full as well but the first second i unplug it the batter symbol shows it to be dead and dies 1 minuet after.


That is one of many problems I had with son's video ipod. After countless resets, trying different cables and different computers and wanting to permanently kill it by stomping on it I had to send it in for repair. It received a new hard drive and a new battery but (naturally) lost all music. Glad I bought the extended warranty through Wal-Mart. Very fast repair time!
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Seriously I'm not a real Ipod fan i know i might be in the wrong thread, but i have a phillips gogear mp3 player and i never had problems with it! I am so happy i did not choose an Ipod 4 years ago - cuz my friend did and she had a new one in between and this one is again already broken ....

reply to Need BB
That exact thing happend to me!!!!!!
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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

SO happy to find this. YES, it wouldn't charge and I turned it OFF, then ON, then held the PLAY (top of the circle) and the select (Middle of circle) for about 10 seconds and the Apple appeared, and it started charging again. We are back in business!!! Thank goodness. I have had this almost 4 years and it never had to be reset. I hear perhaps radioshack can replace the internal battery too??
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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

I can't believe i've not used this forum before!!!!
I've reset my ipod as explained and guess wot
It works.
I wish i'd read this article before (i threw 1 ipod away cos i thought it was knackered!!!)

reply to Need BB
mine wont do nothing i do the menue button and center buttons and all i get is a battery icon on screen. i plug it into my pc itunes pick it up for a bit and then it disapears like my pc cant register it. please help. im being aqs specific as i can ive read a lot of posts about people just reseting it and it works for them but its not the case for me. it doesnt reset i just get a battery icon on the screen so obviously its not doing what its suppose to do it wont show up on my computer any more at all now. one time i got a corrupy ipod message.

reply to Need BB
no if it shows the battery and the triangle crap just plug it in and wait for a while it will eventually charge i have a ipod mini and it happens

reply to Need BB
My mini, will charge on my wall charger, but is not being recognized by my computer and when I plug it in to the computer USB, it shows the charger frozen halfway.

I want to access my music and change some of it but I can't get it to appear in itunes at all.

Plus I have tried the magic reset trick at least a dozen times and nothing....does the ipod have to have some battery charge to do this?

reply to Need BB
hi! i have an 8 gig ipod, and just flips on and off by itself till it kills the battery. pluging it in my computer results in ipod shown for a few secs and then the ipod restarts itself thus disappearing from my pc. tried the reset thing - nothing. it flips off, then on, and i can acces some music from it, but then it just restarts again.